Raccoon, Kentucky
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I was doing my business with you all and they keep giving me this reward cards every time I go I have spent I know over $3,000 with G

eo in the last 2 months I have not got a first $20 free gift because they keep changing my card I went yesterday to get a $20 gif off my paper they gave me on a receipt they told me my numbers didn't match and I told him because they keep giving me different cards and I found the one I have show them my car number matches my name on their computer and the telephone number does to and I asked him why couldn't they take my ID and make sure it was me but my card number is 91 01 000 5 88 25 5215 and it shows parsley the same thing on the ticket they give me to receive the $20 gift I'm tired of fooling with me because all they want to do is Yankee around and go out and smoke cigarettes and go hide out in the back they are very rude at that store especially the women then I go by parks and I'll bring them home and they don't fit and I have to take them back then they argue with me just because I open them up and go plug them in and they won't fit the plug in after they tell me they will fit I am about to quit shopping with you all because of that 30% of y'all store in Eastern Kentucky is all the same got rude workersthey don't want to help you when you need help they wrote a play on their telephone smoke two cigarettes then we'll make the money for you all if I was the boss I would for him and hire me a crew with work my name is Raymond lacourse my phone number is 606-2622 5517 if you got any question last I will be more free to tell you the truth iruna garage I ain't got time to play those games it costs me every time I go down there just for gas in a rough time getting the park change out or even getting the part because they were worrying about the telephones I thank you thank you for taking it into consideration if you read this

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