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I ordered a head gasket set for my 1998 S10 4x4 4.3 liter engine. The valve seals were the wrong size.

I returned the valve seals told them of the problem and they ordered a set of valve seals for my truck and when they came in the next day they too where the wrong size. And when I explained to them that the valve seal size I needed is 11/32 x .500 and the size I keep receiving from them was a 11/32 x .530 he did not have a clue what I was talking about. What kind of operation are they running there.

Sure they can punch a keyboard skillfully but they don't know diddly about auto parts.

Monetary Loss: $64.

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The gaskets and seals are prepackaged... if there is a fault it came from the manufacturer that way


Maybe you should be more understanding autozone is not a machine shop. They order the parts most common, I bet your butt didn't know what size they were till you pulled it apart.


this guy has to drive a chevy. fav customer.

yeah bro swapped it out. if you buy a used car make sure you get all the info before you do.

please tell me how this is an autozone problem. everything else in the gasket set fit but the seals and you dont think that something is diff with your engine?


without a computer/catalog i still beleive anomy is correct... otherwise there wou;dn't be a different vin code for the same engine...

i believe that the valve stem seals are different on the two engines...people swap engines all the time.... you might not know... so if it was a diff year intenal gaskets and such might be diff... i always look in the catalogs for internal parts because there are so many dif types of engines...

i can look and see if 327 are the same parts as 350 or 400 cid because you can swap so many engines.... alot of people don't know what they have or there are two choices... i almost always use catalogs vs the comp...i'm old schoollike that...

so, it's easty to blame the store but it's not always their fault.... hope this helps.....


well as a owner, of my car i know what i drive, you sayin sizes a seals and stuff, how do you know some one swap the motor diferent year of truck, looks like you the ignorant in this case.


Ya there's also an x vin code and a z vin code which you as the owner should know b4 blaming anyone who has never seen or care to see your truck


I have a 4.3 Vortec engine that takes 11/32 X .530 valve seals... so my guess is that they changed something during assembly when yours was built.

Parts stores don't have the abiltiy to order a specific size valve stem.. the orders are computer driven by yr make and model. Not really their fault, this sytem has the best chance for the correct parts. Every once in a while it is not effective.

Not something I would switch stores over. Autozone has the best parts for the best price on almost every account. But that's up to you.

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