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I went into an autozone in watertown ny. I ordered rear rotors and front and rear brake pads, they had to order it so i had to come back the next day.

I pick my stuff up and there is only one box of break pads, i told them i needed front and rear and they sa8id they were both in the some box, i know this was *** on my part for beleving them but i justy left, take my rear brakes apart to find they had only fiven me the front pads. so i called them and had to go bacvk tyo the store to pick up the rear ones, the gave me $5 off...

luxcky me huh, Then i get home and try to do the other side, pull out my second rotor and find out not only is it a front rotor it has 5 lugs and mine only has four, than i called them back pretty heated this time and they aree all acting like it wasnt there fault, it was the manufacture.... i will never shop at autozone again

Monetary Loss: $50.

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:grin It would seem to me that everyone except myself that has posted a comment here is that of an AZ employee seeing how it is that they think that AZ should not be held responsible for A. their employees, B.

the computer or(ZNET?) I believe is what anonymous from rochester posted.. C. the manufacturer in which AZ gets their parts from.. LOL so exactly what do you people think that they should be accountable for?

If you are going to blame their so-called computers for giving out wrong information, then 1. AZ should stop using it or 2. get a new system 3. hire better employees to use their computers properly 4.

hire the proper managers to train people properly on their computer system.. manufacturing problem 1. GET A NEW MANUFACTURER! (if the said manufacturer can't seem to hire capable people to put correct parts into the correct marked boxes for that particular part) and employees incompetent rudeness?

think I already covered that part above. So exactly where and at what point do you think that they should not be held responsible for their incorrect actions since they oversee all of the above? Got it now? I think I have covered all of the bases..

Oh and the comment, you should know YOURCAR?

well whats the freaking point in AZ having a computer full of supposive correct data on every single model make and car, except for those vehicles modified to owners specifications because owner designed it, For that matter what is the point in customer service? Now shines all of your ignorance!


:grin Again @ bear64, funny how you and anonymous thinks that AZ employees shouldn't be asking questions when that is part of customer service, which clearly the two of you do NOT understand, customer service means communication! so just because a person comes in not knowing the year make or model of their car means that AZ employees have the right to be rude and give out the wrong parts in the right box?

LOL at these two and their clear lack of what common sense and customer service should be!

AZ is like a pharmacy for cars, would you take heart pills if you specificly needed diabetic medication? Even if their computer is wrong they should still be held accountable for their actions!


ROTFL @ Anonymous on July 27th 2012 from Rochester New York.. first of all Znet computer obviously knower of nothing which you have proven in your post except for the fact that you are rude, whether a vehicle comes in a 4 lug or a 5 lug it will be in Znet, understand?

If the customer didn't say then its the AZ employee's job to ask if it's a 4 lug or a 5 lug if that is optional on a vehicle since you religiously claim they go by their computers. Unless your car is modified completely from stem to stern on your own specifications in which you designed, it is in their computer! Understand yet? the Az employee is the responsibility of AZ if said employee messes up, AZ Znet is AZ tool, therefor under AZ, AZ chooses particular manufacturer which regardless of manufacturer still under AZ.

got it yet? Ok customers can not climb back there and check every single part box at AZ to make sure that every single marked box is correct to that particular marked part. eer go if AZ is to have a complete stock list of whats in their store (remember ZNET?) then they should account for every single number on every single part in the correct box that correct part should be in. Understand yet?

So how you think you can dance around that AZ should not be held responsible for their incompetent actions is beyond me unless you are a hidden brown noser which I would have to assume that you are since you choose to only show yourself anonymously! Employee, manufacturer, and computer, all through AZ, therefor AZ should be held responsible when they mess up. their first mistake is hiring incompetent employees who don't take the time like they should!

Therefor you have made yourself look like an ignorant brown nosing AZ working ranter! :grin :grin


Keep in mind your dealing with employees that have little or no auto repair/parts experience. They only rely on the computer and the info u the customer give them to get u the correct part.

They do not care if its boxed wrong or if u bring them the part u need and the computer shows them u need a part that looks completly different from what u brought in...the computer is always correct right?? They do have a large catalog of books they could look thru but most of them do not kno how to read the books. So the only person who cares n gets mad is u the customer...why bother?

Return the item n go else where. Like NAPA or the dealership...u may pay more...but itll be the correct part by some1 who knows what theyre talking about!


One, you should always check the parts before leaving the store.

Secondly, you did this not once but twice.

The other thing is that the AZ employees put in the information you give them. If y our information is wrong then don't go blaming them for you giving the wrong or incomplete information.

I have gone in when some person comes in and wants a part and is in lala land when asked for more information other than it is foir a truck.

Many times the wrong parts is due to customer error OR the manufacturer sending the wrong parts. That is not AZ at all.

Don't shop at AZ but the truth is it happens at all of the part stores.


I would have to agree with Anonymous. The truth of the matter is this...if you don't specify the year, make, model, and any other questions they may have...your part may very well come up short.

That is on you for not giving them the details of the vehicle, Znet has malfunctions like any other computer system. So shame on you for considering the possibility that everything would be hunky dory when it came to customer satisfaction.


Autozones employees rely on their program Znet to help you find your parts. Sometimes vehicle models come in 4 lug or 5 lug depending on trim level and Znet sometimes won't give an option about that.

If you fail to give the employee the proper details then sometimes you'll get the wrong part. Not everyone there knows about EVERY car YOU should know YOUR CAR. Go ahead call corporate or complain even more.

You were at fault for not checking your parts before leaving the store. Autozone doesn't need ignorant customers like you.

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