Upper Marlboro, Maryland
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I needed a new battery for my 16 year old car. The clerk was moody and distant.

She barely opened her mouth and tried to sell me an expensive battery. When I selected a less expensive battery and asked for installation, she told me they were not installing batteries because it was too cold outside and it takes time to install a battery.

I left without purchasing a battery and went to Advance Auto and a battery was installed in less than 10 minutes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It is not autozones job to install your battery. Auto parts stores are for do it yourself-ers not for people to come take advantage and get free service.

Advance offers that as part of their service I believe but many don't.

https://www.autozone.com/landing/page.jsp?name=in-our-stores&mobile=true my point lies here. There is no mention that AutoZone provides that service thank you.


Job Description - Practices GOTTChA and assists with the installation of wipers blades, batteries and light bulbs


I wish these entitled store customers would ask for a copy of the store employee job description, since this would eliminate all confusion. Job Description Bulletin - Practices GOTTChA and assists with the installation of wipers blades, batteries and light bulbs.

Assists the customer.

AZ is not a free repair shop. Customers need to understand the difference between assist and working on the car for free.


Why do you expect service on your car when you go to a parts store. I am sure they had no service bay, and among other things would have to deal with the elements.

I see this was feburary was it 25 below zero like it is now in MN around most of the autozone stores around here.

It is nice to get this service when it can easily be provided. You should not have had so high of expectations in the first place and should not have complained about it.


hmmm that's weird... you are old enough to have a 16 year old child but ...

couldn't buy a battery and have your son help and teach him how to do this? installing a battery isn't hard, stop being lazy.


16 year old "car " not child.


How about the customer that is unable to change their battery? Maybe a single mother with kids in he vehicle?

Or an elderly person perhaps? How about someone that is disabled?I will speak with my wallet and go somewhere with some compassion for its customers


How about taking it to a mechanic???


AZ will provide you a set of tools ( socket and ratchet ) for you to be to install the battery.

Stop being lazy.

It's a part store that caters to DIY customers ( Do It Yourself ).

Please provide your work address, so that I might complain that the restrooms are dirty and need to be serviced.

You'll have a different attitude quick.


Quit being lazy and install it yourself. People these days refuse to get their hands dirty.

Did you pay for a battery AND install? I thought not!


I know the employee was glad you left. How cold was it outside?

Did you tip the person at Advance for going out in the cold to change your battery? And if you did your one of the few people that care. That employee at Autozone probably makes less than $9.00 an hour, which is right around average pay for red shirt employees, That person probably did not have enough money to buy anything for breakfast. Don't be so quick to judge when you don't know what that person is going through.

Educate yourself about how Autozone treats their employees. And I do recommend never supporting such a horrible company.


The person at AAP likely makes under $9 an hour as well.

If they made more, and you were worth it, you'd be working for them instead of AZ.


Because you're a great employee that works hard and appreciates each and every customer? Maybe customers that actually earn less than YOU!?


Also I think it's messed up that these posts are under service centers and repairs, Autozone is not a service center or a repair center


First of all the battery installation is a courtesy not a service. Autozone is not a repair center and we offer free installation on vehicles within reason.

Second, was it one of the days it was 10 to 15 degrees outside? If so then we are not required to go outside to do this just like we will refuse to do it if its raining or a snow storm. It's at the employees discretion. Also we do not make any commission on batteries so not buying a cheap Battery is not an issue even though that person was probably doing you a favor since you would just end up coming back with a bad battery and having to get it done again.

and finally, do you understand that battery installation is not free when you get it done at a repair shop? Of course Autozone the corporation tells you to come in for free installation because they aren't the ones that have to do it and it's going to bring business from everyone not wanting to pay to have someone do it so they can get you to buy their junk. but did you ever think about what it's like for someone that gets no compensation for this, to go out it the cold *** weather to do this for you free? And just so you know you would be back more than once for warranty replacement since Autozone batteries are horrible.

Anyway you did one smart thing by not buying from autozone, but next time try installing a battery yourself in winter weather that's below freezing and see how messed up your hands are and tell me if it's reasonable. Also stop being cheap and lazy.

Typical customer bs, I want the cheapest possible part installed free and it should last forever and I'm going to get angry when I don't get what I what. Boo-f-Ing-hoo


Oh, so are you a rare parts employee that doesn't have a sales goal? If I catch you, well you lead me to a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?

With your attitude about customers that can't afford the higher end parts, you are being compensated because you shouldn't work around customers except maybe a Dollar Tree where everything is the same price.

AAP for the win!

Psst, it is their discretion as well in poor weather. Excuses....


Omg I love this! Thank yooou. These ingrates!


same thing as me!!!! too cold out to install battery!!! Thank God

for advance auto - they are not afraid to come out and do their


I guess the battery was supposed to do some good sitting in my back seat.

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