Rochester, New York

returned battery to recieve core deposit after paying the $ 10.00 deposit

i was one week past the deadline which was written in micro print.

the asst. mgr.

was rude and dismissive of my complaint and then just walked away. I explained i spent hundreds of dollars a year there and would never darken there door again i will gladly travel the 25 milesto the next town to patronize the NAPA store there. How do these clowns stay in business?

Imagine if they do this as a corparate policy how much money they are fleecing the public. Boycott all auto zone stores

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pay more attention no one to blame but you


Also, if you look at the receipt, it says Auto Zone has the right to refuse a refund. Basically, your info red flagged the system and said NO WAY! To many returns maybe? Who knows?

Then to top it off, you make *** choices and blame someone else for it?

You're an ***.


There must be more to this story. RECEIPTS expire after 90 days, simply because 4500 stores, times 200 or so receipts a day, stacks up fast.

But the warranty for your battery would be saved under your phone number, and any average employee would know this and be able to do a core refund that way.

Like I said, must be more to this story, Otherwise they would be able to fix you up just fine. On a side note though, why would it take you over 3 months to return a battery core?


Wow you might just qualify for the Darwin awards


Let me get this right, you tried to return something after the deadline, and are angry about it?

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