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Forget about the Hybla Valley store, incompetent sales people, chatting each other up instead of assisting customers. Training: non-existent, don't know their products, not interested in finding out either, this includes the "managers".

I am handicapped and tripped outside the door, I will probably need knee surgery now, was parked in the handicapped area which is NOT in front of the store, it was freezing cold out and thank God I did not hit my head otherwise no one would have found me....Incompetent sales people, Incompetent Management and of course, no liability when I tripped over an obstacle..........Never use them!!!

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Los Angeles, California, United States #777073

You sound like you go to pales and fall on purpose or think you deserve extra special treatment I'm sure they follow all laws and OSHA laws as for not knowing about parts they just sell they are not mechanics but it would be better if they knew

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