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Not for nothing but what I'm reading throughout this website on how terrible autozone, advanced, O'Reilly's, or any other store is and treats the workers is pretty much the same at any chain store. They are in the business of making money and not in the business of giving stuff away.

Of course any store is going to ask you to buy this and that, it's at many types of stores not just auto parts. As for employees complaining why don't you either do your job or find a different one? Its that simple. I've been employed by major companies, cities, towns, and myself and all had its ups and downs but what they all had is the desire to make money.

Yes my best job and longest (career) was with a major city and being a civil servant is definitely better than working retail I've also worked part time at retail or customer service and it wasn't great but it was a job. If I was unhappy I looked elsewhere. Yes it does help when someone knows what they're talking about when helping them or getting something for them but everyone also has to remember to treat everyone else the same as they want to be treated and there in lies a big problem with the world nowadays.

Oh and to settle everyone's question as a civil servant I was a firefighter for over 20 years and an ASE certified auto mechanic on the side. Thanks for all you workers do in retail as I know first hand it's not easy!

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