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I purchased a Duralast battery from Auto Zone and started having problems with it very quickly. The first time I encountered a problem, I called AAA.

They tested the battery and told me it was bad. They offered to sell me a battery but told me that it didn't appear to be very old and suggested that I take it back to Auto Zone. I did and Auto Zone told me it was a good battery but they charged it. The battery worked for a while longer then I recently had another problem with it.

A mechanic tested it and AGAIN told me it was a bad battery. A friend jumped my car and I took it into Auto Zone and AGAIN they told me that it was a good battery but also said that it was still under warranty. Then my car wouldn't start AGAIN so I towed it to a automotive shop. They ALSO told me that it was a bad battery that wasn't holding a charge.

Before I brought the battery to Auto Zone, I called to talk to a manager because I didn't want to go through the hassle to AGAIN be told that my bad battery was SOMEHOW testing as good although several others tested it and found the contrary. I spoke to Braden, who told me that he couldn't find me in the system so they couldn't honor a battery warranty. I was EXTREMELY upset since it is Auto Zone's brand of battery and it seems highly unlikely to me that someone would have incorrectly entered my name, phone number and zip code. The manager referred me to the district manager, Jorge, who indicated that they wouldn't do anything to help me but offered me 20% off.

Given that Auto Zone repeatedly wouldn't replace their battery that wasn't keeping a charge and now coincidentally can't find me in the system, it is obvious to me that I have been bamboozled and that Auto Zone never had any intention of honoring their warranty. Auto Zone escaped their responsibility and I had to purchase a new battery.

It's evident that Auto Zone has found that it is cheaper to do business in a way where they dodge their responsibilities and push the cost onto their customers.

Monetary Loss: $104.

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They had to replace my $200 95 group battery after 1 year. Then a cell went dead after another year.

They offered me a whopping $30 credit towards the purchase of a new $200 battery. I guess Duralast manufacturer's warranty is not valid at AutoZone stores


I recently bought a car that the previous owner had just installed a Durajunk battery in. Well today the Durajunk took a crap and the warranty from the battery didn’t transfer to me.

Guess what I did? Today I bought a battery from someplace other than AutoZone!


I had the same problem no phone number no warranty, even though battery failed a year early and was a warranty. Never ever going back. Not even for an air freshener !!


Similar to my experience Duralast gold 1 year later trouble starting Tests good but needs charge Take to mechanic says tests bad Ended up replacing $200 lost


I had the SAME exact problem!!! Took it to 4 different automotive shops and to 3 different autozones!

All shops said it was bad and all 3 autozones said it was good but my truck Would Not Start! I charged it overnight 2 differ t times also.

They are the worst company on earth. The battery was only 5 months old!!!


I’ve had the same issue with the Autozone St. Louis I have 2 dead batteries I was conned into purchasing after the were unable to locate warranty or purchase but were able to locate me through there system.

Neither battery didn’t hold charge 1st one 10/18 2nd 2/19 stickers. I bought both batteries making them the third battery purchased in 18mo.

Today 9/25/19 I need to buy another battery after I was reassured from the Page Ave Location that my infowas updated from my business card and that I will never go through the same hassle. Corporate Con


they did the same thing to my roommate with a duralast lifetime alternator.buford ga .I had to complain to regional twice,and then after they had "sold" her another alternator,i finally got a frefund made to her.its all about store profitability,their own alternator tester said it was good, but gave no charging specifications.when taken to a competiotor,it also checked good,but peak amps were 15,well your headlights draw 30 amps,heated back glass,stereo , wipers on ,blower and a/c on high,pouring rain,you get the picture,so I called the competitor back and told them to get there tester fixed and you will sell more alternators,and I told autozone atlanta the same thing, instead of lying to your customers.It set a code for high charging voltage and the snap on solus read 11.25 volts on live data.this is one reason I quit turning wrenches after cash for clunkers,the average owner/ borrower cant afford the maintenance,and the payments,hence the emergence of companies like pull a part. ASE Master tech retired.


Having the same problem, Battery (duralast gold) is marked 8/16 so it's definitely under 3 years no matter how bought it. It's my girlfriends car she's not sure who's name it's under when she bought it.

It's apparently not under her's because they can't find her. Anyway they tested it said it was bad but won't do anything cause we don't have the receipt (which would have faded out by now anyway [thermal paper]) and they can't find the purchase in the system. Going to order a AAP autocraft with online discounts they're cheaper and we'll have an electronic record in our email. Duralast use to be a good brand but I dumped them years ago when they lowered their warranty..

Last duralast I had lasted 11 years and admittedly survived some abuse (full drains) and had a 8 year warranty I went to replace it willing to pay top dollar and was met with a 5 year warranty which signaled to me the quality had dropped..

Walmart Valuepowers run about $50 and imo are the best bang-4-buck battery out there, they only have a 1 year warranty but they're better than the price would lead you to believe, only the battery Im having trouble with now they don't carry the size. :(


That's the new way of dealing with *** batteries... I've been through this several times myself where I have a problem with a battery and they tested and tell me it's okay and then you have another problem and go back same thing and over and over again they keep telling you that there's nothing wrong with the battery and then the warranty runs out on it so no new battery...

At least not without paying for it... And mysteriously all of our problems are fixed when we replace the battery with the new one but somehow there was nothing wrong with the old one that's been tested so many times? It used to be you had a bad battery it was under warranty you took it back they gave you another one end of story but now they bring out I fancy tester that spits out a piece of paper and always tells you but there's nothing wrong with the battery it just needs to be charged despite the fact that the battery should be charged if it's in a vehicle that's running that's what an alternator does... these auto parts stores are doing the same things with alternators and starters now and despite the fact that your problem is solved by replacing the part at your expense they still want to stand by their testing procedures...

I recently had a problem with my 2005 Chevy truck recently it kept giving a msg.

to service the charging system and I know the alternator was good because it was working right (duh) and I knew the battery wasn't because after leaving my vehicle parked for several days it would fail to start (ie simple conclusion bad battery) but all three times I had it tested at multiple stores I was told that the battery was fine but when I replaced it the problem was solved no more charge system warnings... it is what it is I suppose...


SAME THING,only its Auto Zone telling me its a bad battery and Advance saying its good. This new like battery wont hold a charge and less than one year old has a 3 year free replacement.

Its a Advance silver battery. Going for another diagnosis.


Just drain the battery fluids and no way they will be able to fix it temporarily by recharging it. I know they don't like testing it without putting it on charge and by doing that their tester may see it's fine but I'm sure something is wrong with it.


I agree, , two batteries not holding charge, lost charge in 48 hrs. I can't return, for them the battery are good


I agree, similar situation...taking my business to Batteries Plus


Wish me luck. I have a battery in my 2nd vehicle, I seldom drive that continues to lose charge so I jump it.

No big issue for me. Luck would have it, last night not even looking for it, I found the receipt. I bought it about 19 months ago. Warranty details printed on it.

I am now intending to get a replacement. I hope it goes well.

@Jase G

You know batteries lose charge over time just sitting. If you don't drive it regular you need to put a battery tender on it to keep it topped off.


I also have a durlast GOLD battery an they put in computer system thier cheaper batter an won't horror this three year warranty I'm PISSED


I am having the same problems too! One major problem, the battery was bought by my ex and I am not able to figure out the phone number, so I called the store and was quickly halted because I didn't have a number.

How can I determine the date on battery if sticker has faded? What is the etched number?

All comments and/ or suggestions welcomed! Thank you!


I had a Duralast gold junk battery in my truck, that my wife had to buy while I was out of town in 2012. Well in 2015 while it was still barely under warranty, you guessed it the battery died.

I got it replaced free of charge and they sent me on my way. Well you can imagine.... Yes, just this last Friday, two months under the warranty time, it failed again... It was starting to do the slow cranking thing.

I charged on 2 amp charge overnight, which was about 6-8 hours, and the next morning it only showed 75% charged. So the next day after work, after getting stranded at another auto parts store and having to get a jump, I took it in. Yep, they refused to honor the warranty on the replacement battery, and was told the warranty was only good from the date of the first purchase, which was 2012, so long out of warranty. Autozone batteries are substandard junk, and I will never buy another.

I have owned this truck for 18 years, and it has always lasted 4 years on any other brand of battery. The alternator is charging at 14.1 volts, so no it is not a problem with the alternator. Their batteries are designed to make it only to the amount of warranty, and that's it.

Sometimes they lose and have to replace them, and sometimes they make it a few months out of the warranty, and they win. Either way they only have to replace them once, because they fall back on the original purchase date thing, regardless of the date on the battery.


I replaced my battery last December under free replacement warranty,now the battery is not holding a charge anymore.Went to AutoZone to get it replaced again, but they told me I have to pay about150 dollars because I already replaced it a few months ago! That sucks!It should be under the 3 years warranty,because is a different battery!


The warranty does not start over when swapped out under warranty... it continues on till expiration. If damaged out during the prorated period, your NEW purchase obviously has a new warranty start date.

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