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I purchased a Duralast battery from Auto Zone and started having problems with it very quickly.The first time I encountered a problem, I called AAA.

They tested the battery and told me it was bad. They offered to sell me a battery but told me that it didn't appear to be very old and suggested that I take it back to Auto Zone. I did and Auto Zone told me it was a good battery but they charged it. The battery worked for a while longer then I recently had another problem with it.

A mechanic tested it and AGAIN told me it was a bad battery. A friend jumped my car and I took it into Auto Zone and AGAIN they told me that it was a good battery but also said that it was still under warranty. Then my car wouldn't start AGAIN so I towed it to a automotive shop. They ALSO told me that it was a bad battery that wasn't holding a charge.

Before I brought the battery to Auto Zone, I called to talk to a manager because I didn't want to go through the hassle to AGAIN be told that my bad battery was SOMEHOW testing as good although several others tested it and found the contrary. I spoke to Braden, who told me that he couldn't find me in the system so they couldn't honor a battery warranty. I was EXTREMELY upset since it is Auto Zone's brand of battery and it seems highly unlikely to me that someone would have incorrectly entered my name, phone number and zip code. The manager referred me to the district manager, Jorge, who indicated that they wouldn't do anything to help me but offered me 20% off.

Given that Auto Zone repeatedly wouldn't replace their battery that wasn't keeping a charge and now coincidentally can't find me in the system, it is obvious to me that I have been bamboozled and that Auto Zone never had any intention of honoring their warranty. Auto Zone escaped their responsibility and I had to purchase a new battery.

It's evident that Auto Zone has found that it is cheaper to do business in a way where they dodge their responsibilities and push the cost onto their customers.

Monetary Loss: $104.

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I'm a little late on this, but I thought I might chime in for anyone else reading.I was a manager for AutoZone for 3 years while I was in college, and there are a few reasons why this happened.

The first reason is that you don't remember the phone number you bought it under, or the number was entered incorrectly. The second reason is that your warranty expired. You didn't mention what brand battery you had, but valuecraft batteries are about $100, the cost you mentioned, and they only have a 3-month warranty. For $30 more you get a 2-year warranty.

That's still not a fair price if you ask me, rural king is cheaper and their warranties are the same. Even if this happens, there's maybe a 1 in 100,000 chance that the AutoZoner got your number wrong, AND your name wrong, AND your zip code wrong, but your warranty expired regardless, that's why you weren't in the system (possibly the only thing you purchased with a warranty with that number?) when they search by name, The search engines in their systems don't look for exact names as typed, the engine looks for any name remotely similar. Also, there is an extremely high rate of theft going on by the customers, so when they couldn't find you in the system, they probably assumed that you were just another *** trying to get free stuff. If it were me handling the situation, I would've comped you a free battery after the 2nd issue just because it upsets me how they don't make the batteries as good as they used to and...

I take care of people with issues, but at the same time I try to vet people to make sure they're not just trying to get free stuff. If a nice customer came in with your issue and your experiences and was very nice to me, I personally would have slipped you a free new battery and just told the higher-ups that I did it "because I wanted to" and all would've been fine.

The customer might always be right, but employees have feelings and tempers too, and if you aren't nice to them, they won't help you more than they are paid to, which isn't much.I'm sure you're a nice person and I'm sorry if this has offended you.

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Not a duralast fan.




I guess I'll go to O'Reilly autoparts instead

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #1265359

just got a battery from auto zone, left auto zone then seen the guages dont work,went back.they said need to take it to the dealer, bmw 335i.

they said the computer needs to be programed to the battery.went down street to a automotive repair, it needed a fuse replaced.

to Anonymous Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States #1294987

Got and paid for a "new" alternator from them.It was the price of a new one, $216.

Later took old one back in for the $50 deposit back. Noticed on receipt that new alternator says refurbished, so of course wanted to return for an actual new one. They would not take it back and insisted that the new vs. the refurb.

was the same, well not to me it wasn't!

Also they charged me the new price.I don't care for AZ, but will not use this store again.

to Anonymous #1385964

A refurbished alternator means that the housing (iron casing) is restored and the insides are all new.Cast iron will last forever if you don't beat it with a jack hammer.

The cost of an alternator depends on the car.

I'm a cheapo and I only get the cheapest stuff because that's what I can afford and AutoZone is the cheapest you'll find for that stuff aside from a junk yard.Either way, it has a lifetime warranty, which means free replacements for life in case you accidentally hit it with a jackhammer.

to Former AutoZone manager1 #1386192

If it was "refurbished" then , using your reasoning , it was ALREADY hit with a hammer. I would be a pissed customer also.. you thieving crooks at AZ really are comical ...

Fayetteville, Georgia, United States #1248666

Autozone batteries are sub standard garbage. Never buy from them.

to Anonymous #1385966

I agree. But that's what happens, so maybe get one from a dealer for a few hundred more dollars and it'll last a few more years.

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