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To whom it may concern:

I am writing this as calmly as I can right now because I am furious with the lack of respect and courtesy this company has had towards its customers.

Last Monday, April 18, I took my car to a technical high school shop (EC Goodwin in New Britain, CT) to have it repaired. While they did not inform us that we had to pick up parts, we nonetheless went to your Autozone store in New Britain, CT on Washington St, spending about $520 total in parts to fix my vehicle. We returned them to the school and waited until the car was fixed so I can pick it up.

Now, mind you, I am currently the only person in my household who is working, so spending that much money is difficult. My fiance and I are currently locked in a battle for our son's medical records (going from state to state), so he cannot go to school and he is home all day being homeschooled and with a speech issue as well. In addition, my car, which I've had for 7 years, is 1 that Mopar no longer makes parts for. It is a 2002 Chrysler Sebring GTC 2.7 L V6 convertible manual transmission.

So, when your store informed me that they had the parts, I was elated. I didn't need to spend weeks calling stores and junkyards to find a specific part and worrying about not having a car and spending thousands on another. For now, that car is our livelihood and it is difficult to get a ride from anyone else. We have family nearby, but without the ability to help us financially or physically.

In short, this week has been a nightmare. Most of the parts that were given to us fit except 1. It was the passenger side axle (CV joint). The school told your store SEVERAL TIMES that the car was a standard. They received the part for the automatic. So, back the store we went and, because you did not have drivers (and did not inform my fiance that it was in the Southington, CT store and not the New Britain 1), we again had to take it to the school for delivery. Today, we were informed that it is again the wrong part. The box had the right part number, but the part inside was not. It was once more a specific part number for the VIN of my vehicle.

For the third time, we've had to go down to that store and return it. Luckily, a junkyard had the part and we are now awaiting for them to pull the part out so we can give it to the mechanics who are working on my vehicle. Right now, as it stands, it is going to be 8 days I am going to be without a vehicle and several times in which I almost missed work and inconvenienced everyone I know to give me a ride. I will hopefully be receiving my car by Tuesday, April 26.

It is with regret that I tell you about the horrible treatment in which your store has given us. The representatives are not knowledgeable and do not check the parts to ensure they are correct. They also misinformed us where parts are, which took time out of our day and has caused grief with us and the people who tried to help us and did more than their fair share. In addition, because of these mistakes, it has almost cost me a doctor's appointment that I desperately needed and has also left me without glasses, since they arrived 3 days ago and cannot be picked up...because I have no car and no ride.

I will be calling your corporate office with this information as well. This is to ensure that the employees of this Autozone store in New Britain, CT are commended...for their negative treatment of their customers. If this is how the company feels about the people who are trying their hardest to make a living and get by, even if it's by pennies a day, then I will tell everyone I know to stop going there. Quite honestly, this company is showing me more and more that it is the worst in the auto parts business and that they do not care anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Car Part Replacement.

Reason of review: listed in review.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: compensation for loss of vehicle.

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Is "fiance" what you call someone you are cohabiting with? Sounds better, I guess.

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