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I bought a pair of your Duralast DL-18’s at our Bellevue WA Store after the Bosh wipers they sold us didn’t fit our 1994 Ford F250 at all and the salesman at the store mounted one of them as I had removed the wiper arms to paint them and had them with me at the time. As I watched he had to force the bayonet (pin, nipple what ever it’s called) into the blade and lock it into place.

I thought it odd but also felt that the guy knew what he was doing. We took the blades and went home. When I went to insert the second blade I noticed that I didn’t have to force the bayonet into the wiper so I took a look at the first one and I noticed a difference in how far the bayonet protruded out of the opposite side; the one I did stuck out twice as far. So I did a further inspection a looked at the locking device and lined up the groves.

When I went to lock it down the locking device kept coming loose from the assembly. After several tries (about a dozen) I finally got it to lock. Then I noticed that on both assemblies the blade didn’t swivel freely and It’s my experience that the normally do. But when I moved the one I mounted it came unlocked again so I was back where I started.

I sent my wife to the store to return them and she was told that I wasn’t pushing the bayonet far enough into the blade and he sent her back home; IE he refused to accept them for return. Ok so I finally got them both locked again and went to mount the wiper assemblies onto the truck. As I taped the first assembly into place it came unlocked so I took the second assembly in my hand and taped it. It exploded; the entire locking mechanism went shooting into the air.

As I now had 3 hours in something as simple as wiper blades I gave it up for the day. On Monday I went to NAPA with my wiper arms in tow and told them my story. The guy went to the wiper rack picked up two blades puled out one and snapped it in place. Then he beat it against his palm and it stayed locked in place.

He repeated it with the second arm and then swiveled both wipers and they spun freely. EASY AS PIE! Of course they mounted without incident. One of two things either the book is wrong and these devices do not fit the 1994 Ford F series truck or they are the most dangerous wipers blades I’ve ran into in my 50 years of driving.

At any rate I’m now stuck with these blades and have half a mind to report them to the WTSC.

These are dangerous if used per the manual.

BTW I retired from King County Metro Transit, Maintenance Div. I know what I’m doing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Duralast Windshield Wiper.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $25.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

AutoZone Cons: Part quality.

  • Autozone Bad Service
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