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been using this company for 8 years constantly. i try to get the reward money from making large purchases but the system is the worst. lets say they send me spend 50 dollars and get 10 dollars in a cash card.

well first the cash card can only be used to buy more autozone items so it is not like getting real cash.

second you have to wait 4 to 6 weeks for it to arrive.

then you have to use it before it expires and hope you do not lose it.

there is no record for lost money cards.

when you go to finally use the card it does not work and then you are told a new one will be mailed to you in 1 to 3 weeks.

3 weeks later i get the card and buy something. the item does not match my car so i return the item. there is no way to get the 10 dollar credit again so you have to save the number that was on the orange card. i learned this lesson so i have that number. recently the registers were updated and the number can not be typed in. they need an actual card to swipe. i call and im on hold 21 minutes and switched 3x for another 14 minutes ... finally im told that a new card will be mailed that i can swipe.

i have had enough and ask to speak to management. im on hold on and off all day each time i call.

finally i get someone who asks about 21 questions over 20 phone...home card number i used for purchase.....and then back on hold. he comes on to say he can not issue credit only the banking department can and they are closed.

wasted a fourth trip to autozone. wasted another few hours.

next day return to another store and they connect me to the help department and i have to verify all the above info again takes 18 minutes and im put through to the back office. on hold 11 minutes and then told they can only send me an email with a coupon on the email. that is not what they have been saying for two days but now that is all they can do.

i wait and a coupon shows up in my email on my phone....took 12 minutes to get it.

this coupon has a number on it and it can not be used at any store so it is worthless. the store manager now gets on the phone again to help line which is the 7th phone call.

i have to answer all questions again and get transferred. finally a person feels bad for me and says since they have my email they are going to send me a cash rebate of 20 dollars immediately for all my trouble. i hang up and open my email to find this coupon that says if i spend 75 dollars i will get back 20 dollars in store credit.

of course not what i asked for or told i was going to get so i give up and lose the money forever and the 3 or 4 hours of my life. i traveled to a store 4x using my gas and got nothing but a headache.

that rebate or cash rewards will not work so do not believe them at all. went to advanced auto and the coupons work right at the purchase register that you get what a concept. i will never ever use an autozone like said if i was stuck in the desert. i warn everyone i meet with a car.

Reason of review: back office needs to be fired yesterday and rebate and reward system as well .

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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