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Hello to all of the people who are mad at auto-zone, i'am now part of this growing community of angry and ex-customers of Auto-zone. First of all i don't know why they do this, but i imagine its for business purposes and profit.

it was about a year ago, that we went to replace two Duralast gold battery's that went bad, and completely died out.

I like to keep a file cab-nit of all major purchases either for automotive or domestic items. So i went through my pile of receipts to find my proof of purchase. Since they had a three year replacement warranty. I went to auto-zone in good efforts of getting my battery's replaced since they didn't even last a year. i walked up to the desk and was assisted by a guy who goes by the name of John. i told him that the battery's were completely dead and did not meet my expectations, since they we're promised to last two years or more. and never have i had issues with a battery's ding out in less then year. i had to jump start my car for all most a week before i decided that they were officially dead. e told me he would look me up in the system, to verify that the battery's were still under warranty. and they were, i popped up on the system and everything checked outed just fine, but them he told me that unfortunately the battery could not be replaced due t inconvenience that auto-zone no longer made Duralast Gold, that the battery i was in search of, had been discontinued by the manufacture, he took me to the isle of battery's and gave me alternatives, but he said i would have to buy two whole new battery's because the warranty would not cover anything, because the battery's would not be duralast. i believed what he told me, because on the shelf i did not see any duralast battery's of any kind. i wonder how many other people they fooled, because they fooled me, in the end i bought two ACDelco battery's which to this day are doing pretty good, but i can only wait to see what the future holds from these two new battery's. I now live a few blocks away from a NAPA Auto center, so i did not visit auto-zone for almost a year. I recently had an emergency where one of the hoses for the cooling engine system began to leak, and the nearest auto store was an auto-zone, i stopped by to purchase a replacement for the hose, and some engine coolant, in hopes that i would't over heat the engine on my way home,(i was planning on sealing it with some duck tape at first) as i walked in to the store i walk up to the desk and ask them for the part that i need to replace, the guy who helped me out gave good customer service, and as i thought about the leak on my truck, i decided to top off the engine coolant at the same time. i went to the isle where the engine oils and engine coolants were, i got the best one for my truck. and on my way to the front deask i passed by the battery isle and to my surprise i bumped into this whole shelf of Duralast gold and Duralast platinum!!! it was like seeing something travel from the past and magically appear right before your eyes. i got pretty mad inside thinking that i was ripped off on my warranty and lied to. i fixed the leak and filled my coolant and went home mad. I went home and did my research on the battery's and never did the 27-DLG stop being manufactured. i felt really cheated out on my money. i take it as theft, as a way to rip ff customers of their money. but i don't think i can ever trust auto-zone ever again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Part Replacement.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

AutoZone Pros: Place is really friendly looking, Clean store.

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This also happened to me and my 1964 Cadillac. Almost the same exact situation.


You definitely didn’t buy an AC Delco battery from autozone. Maybe a ac delco oil filter, but not a battery.

Econocraft, valuecraft, duralast, duralast gold, duralast platinum, optima, are the only vehicle batteries you’re buying at autozone. There’s no way you walked over to the battery area and didn’t see duralast batteries, no way.

You were either at O’Reilly, advance, pep boys or a Napa store. Duralast gold comes with a 5 year warranty- first 3 years free replacement- last 2 years are prorated.


I think you're confused on the store. O'Reilly sells AC Delco.


As a former employee that has worked at many stores I cantell you that the management behind each store is different. If you come into a store with good management, you get taken care off.

However, some stores will in fact cheat you if they can.

I was scolded for honoring a valid warranty. Shortly thereafter, the management of that store got me fired, to cover up thier mess.

They will also sell you the wrong part INTENTIONALLY, or a known defective part, just to make the sale and make thier paperwork look good.


As,an employee of AutoZone your story is bs. We do not sell AC Delco batteries. We,only sell Duralast Valuecraft and Econo!


That was really some highly thought out robbery on that guys part. You cant just accidentally lie that deep. I wonder if he just wanted to make a sale that day?


Hi I'm a former employee of Autozone. The guy that helped you must not have known what he was doing bc when a part is discontinued they are suppose to take your receipt and completely rufund the price of the part.

You might be able to call the corporate office and see if they can help you. Plus I've been at Autozone for 4 years and never had any battery other then duralast and valucraft so that's weird not sure if it was for a short time frame they did that or if it was just a certain location but next time you have any problems call the number posted on the front door of the building they are really great about making sure customers are treated right.

Problem is a lot of employees don't know what they're talking about bc the company doesn't have much of a training program or the employee just never paid any attention. They really are a great company to shop at as long as the employees know how to do their job.


Kind of weird that an AutoZone would not carry Duralast batteries anymore considering Duralast is AutoZone's own private label battery. Delco and Duralast batteries are pretty much the same.

In fact, AC Delco and Duralast are manufactured by the same company, Johnson Controls. The only difference would be if the batteries had different specs like Southern and Northern climate batteries which affect cranking power and life of a battery.

As to the warranty of your old battery.

If they ever discontinue a battery you bought from AutoZone with another to fill its place, they are supposed to discount the battery from the total price you paid for the old battery. You should never have to pay for a new battery if they don't carry the brand you bought before.


we still sell duralast battieres.I know I work at autozone.


Autozone doesn't sell ACDelco batteries.


As a Autozone employee I speak my for my self and not on behalf of the company or express its interest this is my own personal opinion but here's what you can do mate have a copy of your receipt From when you bought the battery from us and have the receipt for acdelco battery's and submit them on Autozone social media or directly message them Twitter or Facebook or call their customer support +1-800-288-6966

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