Mendota, Illinois

I got to the autozone in mchenry il and ask if they could test my battery and alternator and the guy said they were busy when there was 2 employee just talking in the back,and he also said it was to cold to go outside that there was nothing they could do,i have heard from alot of people that autozone sucks cause the employee s are too lazy and i have to agree,WHO EVER OWN AUTOZONE should FIRE all employee and get new ones that want to work and help people.AUTOZONE SUCKS on coustumer service they advertise they do all this things but at the end they to lazy.

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They might of been of the clock maybe but who knows

And as far as them being lazy that's a different story


I found your problem!

You went to AutoZone.

Don't go there ever again.

You're welcome.

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