Euclid, Ohio

I went to buy a battery at the Willowick Ohio location. When I selected the battery I wanted to buy I asked them to install it.

The person behind the counter asked a fellow coworker if he wanted to install a battery. The guy said no he was busy. So the guy who was helping me said lets do a load test to see if I need a new battery. He did the test and said my battery was fine.

Well my battery died two days later and need to be flat bedded home because I have all wheel drive. All I can say is when I called to complain they brushed it off.. Well I am done with Autozone I later found out a local repair shop has been getting lots of customers from autozone for installation of bulbs and blades because they don't want to go outside due to the weather. Poor quality of workers.

Why would someone talk someone out of a $ 130.00 sale ? Are you not retailers ?

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Installation.

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There is no installation price built into the battery. IF you go into the store, you will a sign that says we offer free installation IF: we can EASILY get to an UNOBSTRUCTED battery, IF we have the manpower in the store, IF the available employee knows what he/she is doing and IF it is not raining or freezing out.

We get paid ***. We are not mechanics. We are not REQUIRED to freeze or spent the day wet because you demand something for nothing. I will not send my people out in freezing or wet weather.

If you want to know what is rattling, get on the cold wet ground and look at YOUR car. We are not your staff. Customers demand all kinds of unreasonable things from us. One woman INSISTED we go into the parking lot and install her ENTIRE muffler system, from the headers to the tailpipe, and became so demanding, she had to be removed from the store.

Hire a mechanic. I am sure you have servants at home, but we do not number among them.


repair shop yes, working in the parking lot are you kidding, why would you want someone working on you car on the sidewalk when you could take it to a repair shop autozone sells parts did you see any repair bays or did you not want to pay the mechanics at the repair shop. poor quality of workers who are you kidding you are just to cheap to pay for the work


AutoZone advertises free installation with the purchase of any starting battery, and the cost of installation is already priced in. That is why you will pay $20 to $25 more for an AutoZone battery than from a competitor that doesn't offer free installation.

You think you need an ASE certified technician in a repair shop with a gold plated torque wrench for a simple 10 minute battery install which entails turning 2 nuts and 2 bolts? (skill level 2 on a scale of 10) LOL.


Lazy *** people want something for nothing. We are not mechics.Do it yourself if you think it's so easy. Better yet, pay a shop 50 bucks to install it!


They don't get paid to install parts it's a courtesy and if they don't feel like doing tk they don't have to they aren't getting paid like a mechanic would unless your going to tip 30 dollars which I'm pretty sure you are not


why would u expect another human being to have to suffer outside in ridiculously cold weather because u are too lazy to change your own you probably have a warm garage to go to too....and what's funny is people like you won't wake up until someone dies there trying to change stuff in unsafe conditions..stop being a selfish *** they're not robots they're people too.


I hope the person who is complaining reads this! I Agree with the comment left before me they are not mechanics or installers ex.....

So you think because the battery is 130.00 they have to install it no matter what? Your wrong! Why dint you install it yourself probably because it was cold and bad weather or you don't know how but you expect auto zone to do it. That's not part of the job.

And if your gonna say that auto zone offers free installations yea they do but it depends in the circumstances but obviously your not gonna understand it because it's not benefiting you. Let's just say they did install the battery but because the auto zoner does a simple mistake because it was cold or wet and causes a short on your vehicle I bet your gonna go crazy and demand for auto zone to pay repairs which can cost around 300 to 600 maybe even more for ECM or whatever with labor so actually that's gonna be a loss for auto zone .

So do you see why it depends on circumstances? But of course your not gonna see it that way.

@Super azone man

If AutoZone refuses to install the new battery, then they are ripping off the customer, since the cost of installation is priced in, it's an extra $20 to $25 that's priced in.

Yeah, AutoZone could cause a short circuit, but the sky could also fall, but probably won't.


Retailers...NOT installers, mechanics, technicians or a repair shop. You are paying for the part, not the installation. When its done, it is done for customer service purposes as a courtesy...but dont expect /demand installation everytime..remember you didnt pay for it!


Bollocks! You did pay for it, the price of installation is priced in, $20 to $25.


Really? Where does it say we will install a battery for you??

Check your receipt or the stores advertisements. We do it to help you as customer, doesn't mean we will do it every time. There are always going to be cheaper options, do your research and buy from whoever you see fit. Stores don't get hours for installation of customer's parts, employees are pretty overworked as it is.

I get paid to SELL and to keep a profitable operation, not to do installations or repairs, you need to go to a mechanic shop for that! You wouldn't ask a pharmacist to perform surgery on you right??

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