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a few yrs back i bought a coil pack,spark plugs and the the wires well two weeks later it quit and i had no idea there was a lifetime warranty on the coil i have a mechanic who tells me it is under warranty. i called auto zone and they have three entries under my phone number two are blank and one is the i have to go buy a new coil pack and they say they cannot help me since it wasn't entered into the system.i would think the serial number on the coil pack would show it came from them.this is a rip off and i am very mad about this but i didn't keep a receipt because i didn't know it was under life time warranty they did not inform me of this. make sure if you buy something from them that you ask the question about the warranty and never throw your receipt away.

Monetary Loss: $74.

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There is a good chance that the coil pack only carried a one or two year warrenty. Everything we sale is not lifetime.


Try being an informed consumer and remember it is also your responsibility to maintain the terms of the warranty agreement.... Like say proof of purchase. :x


You should purchase products at O'Reilly Auto Parts, as we take complete information down for warranty information.


So you are saying that your system is 100% correct?....You should kiss my ***. I bet you have incomplete warranty information in your system as well.


This is the same bs I am going through now.. I am hoping that the region manager will call me back an honor it.

I was told by the employee who was very nice and helpful that sum times it is put into the system wrong..

I keep receipts but I also notice that most of the ink is gone after a year. Auto zone receipts kinda suck..

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