Westbury, New York
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I went into AutoZone on 160th union tpk .

Employee Ashley was very unprofessional I needed help to buy windshield wiper her phone is going off and she take it out and started texting and she even forgot I was standing their and the manager is their and didn't even say anything to her then comes another

employee started to chat with her about their personal life what kind of place is this. What kind of people your company heir. People like that should not work

Their and their all young kids your company needs more professional working with your company not kids.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

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You cant , this company has millions of dollars to spend on commercials and halftime shows but pays the store workers garbage wages ruthless autozone


The problem I am seeing with Auto Zone is they don't pay the help much. So I can understand them not caring but I don't agree with it.

Seems Auto Zone does not pay their help for the knowledge they bring. You can be 18 or have 25 years in the automotive field and they pay you the same.

$8.50 and hour. How can you support yourself or a family on that and still give 100% to the company.

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