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I went into the store at 5 something in the evening on 11/02/2016 to purchase a battery because I thought my battery was the problem. I went in first of all and had to wait until what the sales person say the rule is you have to clear the store before you can come outside to check a customers car.

Now I can see if he was the only one in the store, but he was not. I waited for a whiile and left because I had to get something done it was getting late, well I did return to the store and purchase the battery but the gentleman came to the car and said oh wait let me get the manager to take care of this. The manager was really nice and he put the battery in for me, but my complaint is I really don't know anything about cars so I automatically took it that it was my battery, well the next day my car wouldn't start again. So I called a mechanic and told them what was going on and he told me it sounds like your alternator.

I was stranded on side the road and had to get my car towed to the shop. Come to find out it was my alternator. The point I am trying to make is they should have check the battery to see if it was bad. I didn't even need a battery I needed an alternator.

I spent over a hundred dollars for a battery I didn't need. I think it is sad that they would take advantage of a woman like that.

I always go to Autozone for things for my car, but from now on I won't I will be letting everyone I know what happen to me. I am truly upset about this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Customer Care.

Reason of review: Bought a product I didn't need.

Monetary Loss: $132.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

AutoZone Cons: Customer service.

  • incompetent customer service
  • Horrible Customer Serive
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Wait a minute. You went in to get a battery.

They couldn't do at time so you came back for same battery. NOW your complaining that it wasn't a battery. A battery that you asked for!! Did you ask to have the alternator checked??

I see you want to your mechanic to have it checked.

Why did you not go there in the first place. Was he to high in price for the battery or would he not install it for free!!

Get real, you got what you asked for and what you paid for.


The alternator is more expensive than the battery in most cases so don't you think they rather sell you a alternator? he wouldn't had to install a battery and work harder for less money. Don't judge them for their free services that's why you pay a MECHANiC..

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