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Autozone does sell parts that have been installed as new. Worked there 5 Years and have seen Management change Damaged Return Tags back to Undamaged many times.

These parts are then put back on shelves. Problem is, Management and District Managers only care about the Numbers. Company wide problem?..Sure it is. As long as they continue to replace Experienced parts people and good managers with fools, they will continue to sell the Public previously installed parts.

As a consumer, if this happens to you, report it to whatever state agency that handles consumer fraud complaints. It may be the only way to stop it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

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Policy is that the company will take back parts.

It is up to the manager on duty to decide if the part AND packaging are up to standards, undamaged and in salable condition.

With the lifetime warranty on most Duralast parts, the company will stand behind the part.

As for changing the Damaged Return tags into UN-damaged Return tags - again, that is up to the management. Sometimes parts are returned (undamaged) and yet the employee doing the actual return will use the wrong option code for the return - management will review the item and act accordingly.

Autozone is not in the business of selling USED parts. Common sense dictates that if a part is returned and it looks like it barely survived the Battle of the Bulge, then by all means send it back damaged.

I give mine the "I" test. I examine the part and ask myself - would I buy this in this condition? If there is a question, then it gets shipped back to the DC.


I did the same.....Management then gave it your I Test...I see the marks where it's been installed...I see the gasket surface...I see the grease.....I gonna change it to Undamaged. U gonna put it back on shelf.


this is true.but mostly with batteries and calipers and the like. this is what happens when u have these *** that buy a part and install it to diagnose there cars.

those losses come off the bottom line of the store. think of it this way your running an 18 or 20 dollar ticket average and then BOOM! return 100 dollars 250.00 75.00 and such.

now a ticket average of 2 dollars or even a negative average which means that store is losing money!now you get your dm crawling up your *** or loss prevention all looking to protect themselves from repercussions of the higher ups.thats what happens with the unconditional retun policy. this translates into less payroll meaning less hours for employees which means longer lines because of less employees working at any given time which means disgruntled employees which means high turnover of employees and so forth :( so to recatigorise retuns so that you keep making a profit is whats done but never admitted to the only other industry that suffers the same dynamic is the home improvement superstores and for the same reasons :(


There is no unconditional return policy. Return policy is on back of reciept paper and there should by a sign by cash regs showing return policy. After that its mgr descretion

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