Phoenix, Arizona

AZ treats their red and grey shirts extremely poorly. You do not get your schedule that starts on Sunday until Friday or Saturday which does not allow you to do any planning.

The managers and assistant managers both work days which makes everyone else for the most part work nights. Management is focused on upselling to the customers rather than customer service. LP ignores the complaints regarding Regional Commercial Manager having a fling with one of his direct reports, which has lead to several employees getting fed-up and quitting. The employees do not get their work schedule until Friday or Saturday and the schedule starts on Sunday.

Forget having any family life. The schedule should be given to the employees on a monthly basis or at least 3-4 before the new schedule begins. They do not treat employees as valued.

They would be shocked if they held focused group with their staff to determine why morale is low and what is really happening in the workplace. I think upper management is don't want to know

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

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sounds like you were in a *** store. My husband works more weekends and nights than I can count as a store manager.

It sucks, we MIGHT get one weekend out of a six week time together and he closes AT LEAST one night a week. Unless of course some *** decides he doesn't want to work his shift, then my husband works open to close that day.


U r absolutely correct!

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