Ormond Beach, Florida
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Every time I go into the Nova Rd. store in Port Orange, Fl.

the manager there is either yelling at one of her employees in front of everybody, talking trash about other employees in front of everybody, or talking trash about other customers in front of everybody. Hard to believe that a fortune 500 company has managers as rude and unprofessional as this manager is.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

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all of this, and you somehow you keep going back? sounds like you're enjoying the show, why pretend you're not?


I typically shop the Ormond Beach store, but if they don't have what I need in stock, I have to go to the Port Orange store to get it. Sometimes I can wait for them to deliver it to Ormond, sometimes I can't and need to get it ASAP.

I really wish there was a way around that, because the negative atmosphere in that store is so thick it can be cut with a knife. I feel sorry for the employees that have to work there under such a rude and negative manager.

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