Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I think it is so wrong that a customer is required by state law to have to pay a core charge when purchasing a new battery at Autozone or any other car parts store. SO UNFAIR!

Why must I purchase parts and then pay additional monies to the store until I return to them the old/damaged part?! It's my damn money and my vehicle that I am keeping up so that I can drive. MY VEHICLE, MY MONEY - THE STATE HAS A LOT OF NERVE MAKING PEOPLE PAY TWICE. THEY MAKE IT MANDATORY THAT WE PAY!

I PAID AN $18.88 CORE CHARGE FOR A $129.99 DURALAST PLUS battery at Autozone located 57th Vine St. PHILADELPHIA,PA 19139. Then I presume I'm suppose to be happy jumping for joy when the money [core charge] gets credited back to me when I bring MY old battery back to them for recycling! Unbelievable!

I can not afford to give away my money to no one outside of my comfort form. We, the people of the world are taxed and gagged until the day we close our eyes for good.

The government robs us of every little thing! This is so UNFAIR!!!!

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What's this got to do with us?


And what would you do with it?? I would put in next to the tractor tire and your broken screen door next to your trailer.


And what would you do with your car battery if you didnt take it to the store. Spend more than 18.88 to properly recycle it?? Or throw it in the trash?

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