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I purchased a new motor from the store manager (Ray). I decided I didn’t want to have it installed in my van.

I notified Autozone was told to bring it back to the store. I brought it back original package(Untouched). The manager informed me twice we will gather your money back within a week.... not true and they had the motor I purchasers ‘CASH’ for back in their store about one week and a half.

Informed again we have your cash money back to you... give us about another week... NOT. Then was informed by the so called District Manager I have submitted this to our regional office and they will cut and express you a check.

Ok it was at the UPS office on Sat but could not pick it up until Monday.... ok so Picked up my check... which take it 2lies... hard to contact District Manager ‘Kyle’ so this check is drowned off of Tennessee Bank...another inconvenient.

Go around the world for 2 days end up at a check cashing store... it cost me $196. Of my cash money I paid for this motor to cash my check.... or wait 7-19 more days for it to pass through a bank.

Then at the check cashing store 3 hours... cause they informed the person there contact maker of check before cashing... had to wait to contact ‘Kyle’ which finally happened to receive partial of my money back. So he informed me it’s my problem cashing this check not his.

Was it my problem when I gave you cash at Autozone???? So much inconvenience just to get my cash money back.... called the Regional Office ... no response...

‘Kyle ‘ is not willing to refund me my $196. Of having to cash that check... very unorganized store.... rude people...

very dissatisfied with their customer service and if I’m not reimbursed for my check cashing fee... I intend to notify the media....

whatever ever it takes because they really treat customers wrong... but ready to take someone cash and make a sale!!

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i can't believe that you would expect cash back on such a large purchase and expect autozone to just whip out the cash back. everyone knows that such a purchase would need to be verified in order to refund.

if you handle the situation correctly you would have had a bank account to deposit or cash the check. you see even the check cashing place had a problem giving you the money back in cash. autozone should start charging a cash back fee because the headache they have to deal with.

just because you use cash autozone don't like you more. in face all places hate using cash and is better to keep plastic in your wallet.

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