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What are the best reasons to work for AutoZone?

Since I am a college student, our store manager has been really great at scheduling my hours around my school schedule. We also get a generous 20% discount on parts for our own cars.

Our stores really do look great. Our computer system really is the best in the industry that I have seen. We can order almost everything that we carry in only two days. And everyone in my store truly does enjoy helping our customers with their cars.

What are some of the downsides of working at AutoZone?

We had a record year in 2008, set sales records every month, and almost every week. Our store manager got a HUGE bonus. Capital HUGE!! And what did the rest of us get? A pizza party for which the company only picked up about half the tab, and then our hours were slashed.

And it wasn't slow business that they cut our hours for, they started slashing hours at least three months before the winter slowdown, while we were still setting sales records. Not only have all the employees been struggling financially, but customer service has been terrible. I have literally heard the question "Are you the only one here?" several times, during the mid-day rush, while the only other employee in the store was the manager, who was taking care of massive amounts of paperwork while the phones were ringing off the hooks and impatient customers were walking out the door. I have had to turn away customers that needed go-out-to-the-car service, and told them to come back later for our free testing services, all because we simply were understaffed, all during the same time when my hours were cut from around 30 to around 10.

We are expected to do cheers, chants, and acrobatics like a bunch of middle-school cheerleaders, while at the same time receiving NO benefits for part-timers, getting our hours slashed on the whims of upper management, starting during our busiest months in the fall, then struggling to keep up with bills all winter long.

On my last two performance reviews, I have actually been criticized for spending too much time providing personal customer service to particularly needy customers, when I am one of the few employees with hands on mechanic experience.

We do price changes that mark products up to gouging levels, and then mark them down again a few weeks or months later when they stop selling.

And wages are nearly unchanged from what they were 10 years ago.

What advice or feedback would you give to Senior Management?

Share the profits with the employees. The manager doesn't run the store himself, it is ALL of the employees who are responsible for providing great service and encouraging repeat business. When times are good, let those of us on the front lines share in the rewards.

Stop pushing junk at the cash registers. This isn't AMWAY. NAPA and Schucks don't do it. It sets ridiculous hoops for the employees to jump through, annoys the customers, and is contrary to the professional service that you expect us to give. Have some respect for the customers and treat them like adults, and your employees too, for that matter. If you must persist with the "Checkout Challenge" then push the candy and pop, or air filters and other things that are actually necessary. Lay off the fuel cleaners, as most of them are snake oil anyway.

If you really want to shake things up, get rid of the glitter ***, the stick-on "port holes", the neon tubes. All that trash is just shoplifter bait.

Get some class. Fewer vinyl snakeskin steering wheel covers and more leather. I got a beautiful, high quality leather steering cover... over at Walmart. We can't even order a nice leather piece without the gaudy logos on it. Get rid of the cheap vinyl "Type R" seat covers and get some nice sheepskins in there, and maybe some wool floor mats. The local feed and grain store has a better selection of truck accessories, mudflaps, tow hitches, tool boxes, etc, than we do.

Pay more attention to the competition. And I don't just mean Schucks. This is the internet age, and we are getting our doors blown off in both price and selection by our online competition.

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I worked there at one time and I agree with everything this person said.


I moved up fast in the company... It's not a understaffed problem its a work ethic problem...

I juggle whole counter while other employees shoot the *** or just flat out refuse to help and AZ to scared to fire em I think there hoping that something will change in there attitude... *LOL* ALL IT IS GUYS is doing what needs to be done without your boss telling you. There is no need for 4 managers there useless only one main one that answers complex questions ... I Was thrown into store by myself with no training(unless you count 7 hours in front computer of questions with cropped images THAT REQUIRE SOUND and our computers do not have) and adapted quick some people cannot do that and Autozone weaves em out by cutting hours..

Its not about kissing *** at end of day its about truly caring and working hard and Autozone knows they have 35 people that sit here and read this and copy and paste everything you type into there database

If your a customer we really do care about you.. Its hard to find good workers sometimes..

Its all about you guys that need help getting your car going and making sure your safe to drive with you and or your children in the car Sometimes the price is you have to wait a extra 10min(this isn't burger king It's for your CAR 1ton metal object that goes 100mph) ALSO AZ provides ASE training just like the mechanic has where you take your car to... No other part stores provide that they only care about pushing a remanufac product down your throat and you returning it to get your money back for 10 dollars less


Defeated zoner. Im the store manager of a store in michigan I need a ft gray shirt.

6 yrs with out being promoted sucks man. Where im at the skys the limit . If your good and bust your ***. Promotion happens fast.

I started pt red. Promoted 2 psm. Ase certed . Went to asm.

Under 2 years now sm. I feel more pros then cons


July 2014 will be my 6 year anniversary with Autozone. I started when I was 17 as a part-time redshirt and I made a little over minimum wage.

It was supposed to just be my high school job until after I went to college or whatever and then hopefully I would be able to get a higher paying job. Nearly six years later I am still a part-time redshirt at Autozone and I make $9.30 per hour. Apparently there are no full-time positions for redshirts. The opportunity to be a grey shirt has only been within my reach twice in six years and this last time seemed almost guaranteed but the DMs seem to like to *** you around with false promises.

I can't find a job doing what I went to school for so I'm basically stuck at Autozone because it's what I know. I know how to do many things that a PSM can do and I do actually go about doing them (recalls, checking in VDP, finding the Captain's log to print out of DOC... to name a few) I just have to constantly stop what I'm doing and get a manager password. It's very hard to live like this.

I've given up hope on ever moving up in the company because no matter what I do something will always come up and the position won't be available. *sigh* This company is depressing. Very little money, very little hours, very understaffed.

Thanks for listening. :sigh


Very good review.

And I agree with what you say 100% - AutoZone would make more money, and keep customers, if they focused on selling what the customers actually need, instead of pushing cheap junk at the registers. How many bottles of Lucus does the average customer need? The same customer that is lucky just to pay their bills and make ends meet.


My husband has been with autozone for 9 months now. He got a.

15 cent raise while females in the store got a $2 raise. He has caught the commerical manager steeling and making fake sales and then doing refunds on the front registers so her numbers are high. He has pointed it out and all he got from that was a slash in hours. He is a full time employee and we are lucky for him to get 30 hours a week and most of his days are 5 hours long.

Thankfully he has an interview with another company with way better pay and 40+ hours a week (i work for the company already) this month. We already do not shop at Autozone and we never will again.

@no name

It's impossible for a commercial manager to return commercial sales on diy registers "to make numbers look good" and a 15 cent raise is pretty average...and it's also impossible for someone to get a 2 dollar raise because 2 dollars is usually all the store manager gets to divvy up between all the employees.


So True no one gets 2.00 raise. 15 cents is better than 8 cents on my first raise but I'm still with AZ. Got to love what you are doing and just mind your own business.


It is not impossible for csm to do a false return on a part that is under warranty under a commercial account. If at the end of the day the csm comes up short on money and needs to correct the problem he or she can simply go into a commercial account do a return which prints out a pci, they then take it to the register and scan it, take out the money and put it in their drop.

A lot of Auto Zone stores don't have a commercial register and everything is ran through the diy register.

This works on cash only commercial accounts because if it is a change account the money would go back onto the account. So YES it is possible.


I'd say to quit your job or make the best of it! STOP YOUR WHINNING!!


Shut up ***.


Shut up fagit.


First off this company needs to think about their employees .. I hate you guys and I dont even work for you...

You have treated my husband like your slave. You did not pay him for the vacation time after he earned it. Unstead when he got his paycheck and we needed it he was one week short of pay .. Because some penny pinching dumb someone decided to put it in as time off .

He requested the time off 3 months in advance and specified Vacation off. so he would have vacation after all he took the vacation off season.. Not July or in the summer time months. Oh and your *** planagrams are not done by managers they are done by others that need to be doing the deliveries not that plus trying to do managers jobs without pay for this too..

Also we will turn you in to the labor board for not allowing breaks for lunches .. Really you guys are horrible to work for. If the economic times were better my husband would quit that *** job..

Apply at your own risk.. In Tennessee

@wife of employee....

Sounds like the store my husband is at. He resorted to eating in his car so they will not make him work off the clock.

@no name

I am a current employee and see there are a lot of other employees who feel the way I do!!! If you have any problems call the autozoner hotline and skip over your sm,dm and ur regional hr they will all label you as a complainer and figure out a way to fire you!

When you call the hotline tell them or leave a message you need to talk to someone over your local people. You will get a person who will help you. It's kinda funny after you call the hotline and ask for that all of a sudden your local people who wouldn't help are calling you asking what's wrong and how can they help!

I hate to say it but all of autozone isn't bad just the local backstabbers. And p.s if a union rep wants to talk there's plenty of us who would :)


Was considering an evening PT job here since I buy *** near everything here when working on mine or my wifes cars. But after reading this I just keep my day job.


If you value your family, Life and health do not apply here! They should pay u hazzard pay for working here!

If you enjoy stress plz apply! Did u sell any packets with that $5000 sale?? No?? Im gonna have to write u up!

As an employee all u get is grief. Some one some where sits and thinks up ways to screw u...the employee everyday.

Iv been here now 4 yrs and now have high blood pressure! Sorry for the whinning had a bad usual!


first of all store managers do not get as big of a bonus as you all seem to think. second when the company cuts the hours of the employees in the store quess who has to pick up the slack the store manager has to work all the extra hours that get cut.

third if your store manager is sitting on their butts in the back then that store manager is not doing their job it is company objective to have the managers managing the store from the front. who is it that comes in at five am every week to finish up on planograms and inventory management? the store manager! the comments concerning the wage increases i will leave alone but anyone reading this needs to know that the store only gets a couple dollars a quarter that they have to divide up between all the employees in the store.

stop bashing the store managers until you have been in their shoes. being a store manager is not a gloroius job nor would the job be worth it if there was not a bonus. figure the store manager works fifty hours a week minimum most work more than seventy.

take the store managers paycheck divide it by how many hours they worked and ninety percent of the time the store manager makes less hourly than anyone else in the store. salary sucks!!


Autozone pushes stuff at the register to drive incremental sales, if you were educated you would know that. All the free stuff we do like take 20 minutes to install a battery for free, when people can get charged up to 90 bucks for instalatiaon, a 5 dollar item at the register is nothing


All the negative comments are so true. A company built on corruption and exploitation of their workers.

Examples? It begins even before you start your first day, they make you spend $$$ buying their uniform, which is illegal in my state, they get around it by calling it "dress code." Every Loophole they can take to screw their employees they take. For years and years they made the closing workers punch out and run end of day reports and still required the employees to do tasks off the clock. Finally, they were sued and now they give pay you 2 extra minutes extra, which is not enough on the best days.

There is absolutely no training. They force well meaning, but inexperienced young folks to work on cars, typically in the rain/snow/sub-freezing weather. Denied breaks or delayed breaks are normal. People are forced to sell add on items to customers.

Big deal, every place has sales pushes, right? Wrong. Autozoners are constantly beaten down about how to treat customers, but we have to sell high priced and high profit grease packets to customers and not the better valued larger sized product that will save them money. The company doesn't care if you sell an engine to someone, they only care about grease packets and other add on register sales so the managers will look good.

People with 30 years auto experience, owning part stores, etc. don't mean anything to them, it is the employee that sells the most grease packets that can't even put in a battery, etc. The people that sell the most grease packets get the promotions. I call them "grease packet managers" and they are the reason you get *** service when you go into an autozone because they don't have any real life experience (or manager training) and now run a million dollar business.

The company lies and says customers come first, but they don't really care, they care that one of the 15 garbage cans wasn't emptied and not that you changed 30 wipers outside during a blizzard. Or changed a customers alternator belt on the side of a highway. They will say they care, but don't. Customer compliments are the first message deleted on a managers message list.

Read all these comments posted by the workers and NEVER apply for a job there and ALWAYS tell people this company sucks at taking care of its workers. Maybe the multi million dollar CEO will get the message. Wait, I forgot he doesn't give a blank.

Like he says, "It's a great day to be an AutoZoner." Too bad the majority of people that work for him and make him rich don't earn a living wage. Disgusting...

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