I am still pist of. I went into one of your stores and purchased a $150 dollar alternator in the middle of the transaction after I swiped my card your system froze and the lady unplugged the machine and said I had to pay again.

I pulled up my credit card account showing the payment had gone through and she didnt care if I wanted the part I had to pay again well I didnt have the money to pay again other than over drawing my account so I had to. Well i paid twice you guys have not given back the money and i have had to spend time and overdraft fees to try and dispute it.

The lady was a shift manager and has zero customer service telling me I need to find God and some other crap when all I wanted was not to pay again showing her it was paid for. I am not uploading my credit card account to u someone needs to call me to get the information.

Location: Elk Grove, California

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