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"Sorry, our tank is full" is the standard line. Sometimes they have sign on the door (for several weeks,) today I hauled my oil in and they said they could not take it.

"Out tank is full." So I took my waste oil to O'Rielly's and they gladly took it, so I spent my $150 on parts there.

If you want me to buy my oil, filters, plugs, wires, brake pads, distributor cap, rotors, and grease from you, you had better be prepared to take back the waste!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Let me think about this for a moment---the oil came from the ground but you want to actually put the used oil in a container and then drive it someplace to get rid of it? Why would you do that?

Put it back where it came from. This is not rocket science.

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