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so I call to order a master cylinder for my 99 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 extended cap, 6 cyl. WITH abs, they say they dont have one in stock so i will have to pay for a special order to get it, and that i will also have to pay NOW over the phone with credit card to make the order, so I do that.

they told me it will take 2 days to receive it, so i call them in 2 days, they tell me FedEx hasnt delivered it yet, most likely tomorrow they should receive it. so i wait till about 1pm to call them, still waiting on FedEx, they call me about a hour latter saying it arrived. Go to the store receive the master cylinder, purchase 2 bottles of brake fluid and a bleeder kit. get home start removing the old one, and as im removing it i notice the one they shipped is WRONG!!!

so i called them, was told all the managers are at lunch!!! so i finish taking off the old one and go to the store with it. i get there, and they keep shuffleing me to another employee, so finally this employee looks at the one THEY ordered and the one off my truck, and procced to ask me if im sure its abs, and im sure its a 99??!! just because im a female it doesnt mean i dont know my year and make of my truck, ive owned it for 10 years and every part i ever bought for my truck has been for a 99 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 6cyl extended cab.

so said employee keeps looking at the one THEY ordered and my old one, says hold on mame, walks to the back, comes back with one i need off the shelf!!! and tells me this is for a 98 Tacoma without abs!!! if they knew there S#*T from 95 to 2004 use the same parts, 4runner and 4x4 are the same parts, why do I know this because im looking at the repair manuel, and for 10 years all the other part stores constantly tell me this tid bit of info!!! they say they refunded my card, so now I have to pay MORE for the correct part, that they had all along, and wow they gave me a 10% discount, but it still cost more with there discount!!!

why am I paying for there mistake?? I had to take 2 days off work, am I going to reimbused for my time off work??!! *** NO!!!

im so mad im spitting fire, and the refund still hasnt shown up on my card, its there mistake not mine!!! O'reilly's has my bussiness from now on F#*K AutoZone!!!

User's recommendation: do shop at AutoZone.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

AutoZone Cons: Disrespectful employees.

Location: 5820 Auburn Blvd, Carmichael, CA 95841

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