Billings, Montana

So my car wouldn't start even after having a battery charger on it overnight. I took the battery to AutoZone to have it tested.

Now it got trippy when they took the battery to the back of the store where I couldn't see them testing it. I was already suspicious so I didn't buy a new one on the spot. I then took it to Costco and got it replaced for free because it was less than a year old. After I put it into my car it still wouldn't start.

Time to buy a new starter and I'm NOT going to AutoZone for it

Only lost around 10$ in gas money and time but I'm still mad. I almost bought one of their batteries.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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They tried that with me yesterday i didn't fall for itgot a second opinion from my mechanic it wasa faulty starter.


why would you take your, under warranty battery to autozone, they sad it was a bad battery,as it was, thats why costco replaced it under the warranty, autozone warranties there products not costco's.If you had bought the new battery at autozone the could have checked the starter and charging system so costco replaced the battery( a good battery) to get you out of the store but did not check your system only 10.00 in gas money but $$$ of your time and you really needed a starter who determined that Costco, the do not sell starters

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