Miami, Florida

Ordered parts totaling about 375.00. Realized they did not scan my rewards card after getting home.

I picked up my part asked staff to scan for this purchase they said they could not. I was told to call the number on the back of the card. So i called and the number is no longer in service, wow what a joke. I called the local store which is in balto md.

the manager told me that s the number on the new cards and left it at that.

Now i dont think this rewards program has ever really helped anyone. Furthermore i will stick to advance auto they 9 times out of 10 have all my parts at the store or i can order them with great discounts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Auto Part.

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My rewards card was not entered at checkout and told to go online...WHAT A JOKE!!!!!

#1175200 allows you to "Add a Receipt" which simply asks for the Transaction ID, Store #, and the Date of Purchase (all of which is available on the receipt).

I know this because I took the 5 seconds to Google my problem before complaining about it (, which led me to this AZ official FAQ: which clearly and unequivocally states:


[...] the store associate can not credit your account after a purchase has been made. You will need to log-in to to adjust your account with the transaction information printed on your receipt. Select "Add A Receipt." and follow the instructions.


Do that and *fix* your problem yourself -- it'll get you further than complaining about it.


i love your store but rewards card sucks. been a customer for 20 yrs and never earned any reward point because az dosent want you to.

i have never been asked for a rewards card.

just lower your prices before you lose all your customers. THANKS for nothing az.


Charlie, it'll never happen. Do you realize just HOW MUCH $$$ companies make from those cards?

Read the fine print...they're selling your info 95% of the time! That way, even if you barely ever visit the store, they still make money from you without them lifting a pinky. Auto parts, grocery stores, clothing stores, shoe stores...It is only spreading.

Get a card and make sure you use it. Soon it'll be the only way to pay a reasonable price for cheap child labor made stuff...


The rewards program CLEARLY states: $20 spent = 1 point / 5 points = $20 reward from AutoZone.

If all of your transactions are


You had an old outdated card. All you had to do was go back to the AutoZone and get a new one.

Call the number on the back of your card and the call center transfers all your points to the new card. It's YOUR card and YOUR points. Put a little of your own effort into it if the rewards program is that important to you. I'm amazed how little people are willing to do for themselves to get good deals.

You want me to come over to your house and cut out supermarket coupons for you?


I work in a autozone in Washington state and your rewards card is not a priority for me, if your dumb enof not to have it out then forget about it or call the number you peer laziness is why you didn't get your points to your 20 reward, but what els can we expect from someone as dumb and clearly lazy as yourself, your probley a state worker or on welfare....


Your have the gall to call someone dumb... You spell like a year old...


That's an insult! My son spelled much better than this while learning quantum physics at 7½ months old!



Or take the part back for a refund by telling them it was not needed. Then turn around and repurchase.

When they look at you like ur crazy, tell them u tried to do it the easy way but they wouldn't cooperate. :grin




According to the AutoZone FAQ (


Credits earned (for qualifying purchases) expire depending on the program available in your area. Register your account on for specific terms and conditions associated with your account or ask a store associate for details on the program available in your area.

""" have you registered online to actually check your region's rules and/or asked a store associate/manager?

No? Well then you really should _expect_ to be left in the dark.


The other posters are correct. Depending on the time of year, someone running a cash register is supposed to ask you several questions.

Did you find everything you need? Do you want to buy *insert product of the month*? It is useful for blah blah blah! Do you have an AutoZone rewards card?

If not, do you want one?! I just need your name, number, address, email, etc! Do you want to donate a dollar to *insert charity*? Do you want a bag for that?

You get the idea. When you have a line of people to take care of, whether or not someone has remembered to present you with their own bonus card is not a huge priority. And no, an employee cannot add points from a past transaction in the store.

Calling the number is the only way. This prevents fraud.


OR you don't think to present your rewards card, as most customers don't. Autozone stores get very busy, and it's simply not reasonable to expect the employees of this chaotically run chain to remember 300 sales a day to remember every single card.

Autozone is very poorly managed on the corporate level. They have too many people adding ingredients to the same stew.

As such, these leaves the under-paid (and untrusted entry level staff) scrambling to keep up with unreasonable demands. Cut the little guy some slack, this country is very poorly run from corporate HQ.


That's really odd, they actually get in trouble for NOT scanning enough cards every week. I just called the number on my card, and it works fine. You can get that prior purchase added to your card by calling that number and following the automated instructions, it takes about 3 minutes and you just need your receipt.

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