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I recommended my 87 year old mother go there to get a battery. She goes, buys and is then told they will not install it for her. She got a refund drove one mile to Advance Auto parts. Bingo they installed in under 5 minutes

I call to order $288 in parts including a battery for my F350 diesel and asked if they would put lift out the old battery and set in the new one. I have back issues and can't lift but more than willing to do all else. On the phone they said no problem we will install it. Waited 6 hours for them to call and say the parts had been delivered from the "hub", just 3 hours late. Drove there paid and they refused to install.

Have since talked to several others who say they won't install batteries contrary to their advertising. Anyone else??

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Car Battery Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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There is NO commercial that states that AZ employees installs parts. Please stop drinking the Kool-Aid.


Part of the job description of an AutoZone employee. Practices GOTTChA and assists with the installation of wipers blades, batteries and light bulbs. Assists customer is the only thing that the employee has to do with regards to installation of wipers blades, batteries and light bulbs.


What kind of a moron sends his 87 year old mother in?


Who would want to install a battery when they shouldn have to in the first place. I dont expect anyone to ... If you cant do thats why there are auto repair shops....


Just go to a shop so that the mechanic getting paid a mechanic's wage can install it

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