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The quality of their parts are TERRIBLE. I purchase inner and outer tie rods for my Ford Ranger.

After putting on all four tie rods and starting to put the grease fitting on I notice two out of the four where not threaded. I had did disassemble everything and have my wife pick up two more. After reassembling everything again, I had another bad one. The bolt from the tie rod would just spin and could not be tightened.

I had to disassemble everything again. At this point I was extremely upset and I called the store to explain my frustration. This store did not have a replacement so I had him call around to see what other location had a replacement. I also had him double check where the grease fitting is attached to make sure it was threaded.

After being on hold for quite a while the employ found one. The reason it took him so long to get back on the phone is because the other locations that he called had the some problem with their tie rods. Luckily he was able to find me one. When I went to the other store to pick up the 5th inner tie rod (vehicle only have two inner tie rods), one of the other employees said he has seen the same thing with the inventory at that same location.

Not only with tie rods but other items. This tells me this is not a onetime issue but an ongoing problem. When corporations try to cut costs and buy from China we as consumers pay the penalty of poor quality. I would rather pay more for product I can trust and feel comfortable putting on my vehicle.

I spent over 10 hours to replace my tie rods due to the quality of your products. This should have only taken me 3 hours max. I had to assemble and disassemble everything 3 different times and had to purchase 5 different outer tie rods to get 2 good ones. This is not a good percentage for quality.

I had other issues with the inner tie rods but was able to make those work because I was going to go back to one of our stores.

I will never go back to an Autozone because of the quality of your products. The employees' were helpful so I don't fault them for the products but I do fault Autozone for it.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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ive used autozone for fleet for years no more problems than napa or others all of them use non american made parts, many are exactly the same part .


Hey genius,they are called self tapping grease fittings for a reason. I have been an automotive technician for 32 years and have installed thousands of tie rods and i can tell you without any doubt that you are an ***.


Your parts are absolute *** made cheaply in China on forced labor. If you have anything to do with autozone you have no automotive anything..


Well I figured that since you were an mechanic for so many years you would know that these are not self tapping these should be threaded. So before you start calling someone out you might want to know what you are talking about.

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