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I want to tell you I have never been treated so bad in my life. I went to auto zone like I always do amd bought a radiator for a little under 200.00 dollers.

I put the part in and it had a leak. I went to the next auto zone to replace it. when I got there the manager of the store was the customer service rep i spoke to. Imiadiatly told us this was not her fault 3 times.

We explained the cercumstances as she was on a personal phone call the whole time. she then states to whom ever on the end of the line she does not need to deal with poeple like us. from that point on it got worse and words were exchanged. I asked to speak to the manager and she then told me she was the manager.

I then left. I want to make this complaint for only the reason that not only will I never go back to auto zone who I always depended on for all my auto parts but I will tell every one I know about the service I recieved. You see I am in customer service, I deal with customer (many upset customer) on the daily basis. I have never seen such bad service.

I am sorry that you and I will not do any more service because of one individual who left a bad impression. My name is melissa fritz and my phone number is 480-649-2642 under my husbands name of jeff fritz. the store is at extention and broadway in mesa az and the person i spoke to is name is trish, I believe it is patrisha stone but not sure if that is correct.

Again I am sorry about all of this but i wcant allow myself to be mistreated by any one the way she did. I do plan on calling the dist manager tomorrow and thank you for your time.


Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Auto Part.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Lady, you need to take your personal info off this site. People could use that stuff in the wrong way.

Go to and fill out a customer survey. If you need help with your warranty and the store will not help. Ask for the phone # of the DM, (District Manager.) They are usually more than willing and able to help an upset customer.

You should take your personal info down.

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