Kyle, Texas
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I don't know why I keep going back to these clowns for parts because they time and again continue to prove their gross incompetence and complete lack of care for their customers.

I could put up with their *** before because it was always for relatively inexpensive products, but not this time.

I bought a remanufactured engine through them in late 2015 and less than two weeks after it was installed, it developed trouble. It started consuming large quantities of oil (about a quart every 2-3 days), it was misfiring and it would often stall and die.

I put up with this *** for a year because I didn't drive my truck very often, but the final nail in the coffin was about two months ago when the engine completely let go and both heads blew. The engine coolant revealed engine oil and combustion gasses and the engine oil looked like chocolate pudding with metal glitter (coolant and oil mixing looks like chocolate pudding) and the metal glitter means that the crank/rod bearings are destroyed.

I initiated a warranty return for the engine and Autozone wanted all of these tests done on the engine for the return process. The four tests they wanted me to do were:

1) leak down test (all six cylinders failed)

2) compression test (2 of 6 cylinders were dead)

3) vacuum test (failed, engine had no vacuum)

4) oil consumption test - are you kidding me? You want me to drive around a dangerous vehicle with a known bad engine and risk my life just to tell you something we already know?

After we get all of these numbers, they say it's my fault the engine is dead. What's their rationale? "The customer is responsible because the PCV valve is bad."

So at this point we know Autozone doesn't want to honor their warranty and are coming up with *** excuses that a PCV valve can cause heads to blow up (which by the way, a PCV valve can't cause an engine to fail this catastrophically kids, don't let them tell you otherwise.)

My mechanic straight up tells them they're *** at this point and to send a replacement engine, which they agree to. But then they never do. This was two months ago now and we've been hounding them the whole time. last Friday we call them again to only find out they never placed the order for the replacement engine. How lazy can you be? We tell them again to get the *** engine coming and they promise that it will be here by Monday. well it's Wednesday now and still no engine.

Autozone has no excuses for 8 weeks and no replacement, absolutely none. I hope they like a lawsuit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Car Engine.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $2750.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

AutoZone Cons: Lack of response.

  • incompetent customer service
  • Bad Engine
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