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I was a store manager for three years with Autozone, I have read the complaints of employees on here. For some of you to call it bull you have not worked in their shoes.

You can not judge how they feel. Recently the Cincinati region lost a manager to suicide, the regional office shows little support and takes zero blame. I guess the question that is on everyone's mind is how far you can push a man till he breaks. The same thoughts have gone through my head after being terminated from the company due to some false charges with zero proof.

I contacted a lawyer who informed me Autozone corperate lawyers would just tie it up in court till I was to broke to continue. So what things have I seen at Autozone over the years? Within the first two weeks of employment I was sexually harassed at the Hillsboro store and watch the same employee give away an alternator to a freind of hers. I did like the so called handbook said and turned her in to my store manager in Wilmington , we then turned it in to are District Manager who called myself and my store manager and told us to forget we saw anything because she was in relations with members of our Cincinnati regional office or we would be terminated.

While working in the Wilmington store I have seen more than one grey shirt steal parts for there vehicles turned them in to the store manager who simply ask the employees for the old parts back and then he returned them as defective parts. The check out challenges wow the company is smart on this one they pushed us as store managers so how did little stores in poor communities keep up, simple the store manager would keep a hidden list of common parts under warranty when a regular customer or friend would come in they would warranty out a new part under someone else's name and give them the new part and only charge them for a case or two of Lucas or whatever that months promotion was. This was not limited to one store but many under the same district manager. I have seen the goat move from the movie waiters done in the store by two different store managers.

This is where a male would pull down his pants and moon you with his test ovals stuck between his legs. Keep in mind these were the store managers. When I was terminated it was a Friday night after my shift my district manager said the best he could tell I was tied up in some childish games from above he hoped it all worked out for me and apologized for the company wrongly terminateing me. When I called the Cincinnati regional office the human resources manager refused my calls, when I ask for the Memphis national office number I was given the same number 3 times all three times I left a voice message and phone number after 3 months of calls zero returned calls.

Thank you Autozone for everything you have done and my deepest condolences for the family who lost a husband and father to a mom and pop caring origination that has turned into a muti billion dollar a quarter monster whose greed has overcome the basic values the company was based on. To the red and grey shirts on here mad at your store manager, please note the store manager is just a lowly pawn in the hands of a regional manager and has no true power to do the right thing

Monetary Loss: $32000.

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My store managers was wrongfully terminated he was a great guy always put the customer first. He was put in a bad position by the Dm.

Then was terminated now hes taking there *** to the cleaners .

They alresdy settled one case with him . Autozone *** Soul less company.

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