Marietta, Georgia

I received very bad service on two separate occasions in one day on 10/24/10 at Autozone, the S. Cobb Dr.

Smyrna, GA location by sales person Rodrick Lewis, if target person was wearing the correct name tag. I will never return to this location again. Mr. Lewis antagonized me and initiated a two way argument with me in front of customers and staff upon me only going up to him and reading his name tag in reference to the prior incident of bad service received by Mr.

Lewis, beforehand, I did not say one word. However, he preceded to chastise me upon doing so. I feel that he singled me out in the first place, because he has a issue with certain women and perhaps himself. However, he should leave is side show and negative baggage at home, and not the workplace.


Lewis doesn't have the desired attitude to be dealing with the public and his behavior shouldn't be tolerated. I will be contacting Auto zone's corporate office on said matter, ASAP.

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Parts parts parts



Very good attitude to have, I too take pride in customer satisfaction, and while you can't make every customer happy, you can do your damnedest to try. If you do your job right and mind your P's and Q's you can go far in this company.


You're a poooosy! Instead of confronting me after work, you come here and cry like a woman? Hahahahahaha!

@Rod Lewis

U would be instantly fired if u were my employee. Pretty appauling to confront a customer issue with name calling and a condescending attitude. Your a pos employee.


I agree with autozoner. It truly depends on where you go. For example, I used to visit an AutoZone store in Eustis, FL and let me tell you that those guys are true professionals focused on serving and satisfying their customers 100%!

Meanwhile, I just visited an AutoZone store in the Bronx, NY and they were not only short of staff, but they aptitude towards their customers was not even close to being courteous and polite.

I think management plays a key roll to achieve an environment focused on Extraordinary Customer Service in any particular business, specially those where you are in direct contact with your customers.

Just my two cents!


I just left that very same autozone. Let me tell you about my experience:

I ordered an alternator two weeks previously and asked that they call me when it comes in. I went there today with the old alternator because I was certain it had been enough time.

I waited in line for 15 minutes. They were a little busy, so I figured ok. However, they are too busy taking care of the phone customers to help the ones in the store.

When I go to the counter, I asked for the alternator I had order. The nice woman looked, and looked. She finally asked the manager, but he was too busy with someone on the phone to help. After 30 minutes, I had to go up to him and ask that he help her find the part.

They never did find my alternator, so they refunded my money.



Well I say that it depends where you go sir/mam. I'm an autozoner from Texas, and I like my customers leaving my store with a smile in my face.

I try to employ my positive attitude upon every single customer that I have to attend. I love my job helping others and it gives me an opportunity of learning more. I'm also a college student majoring on diesel/heavy equipment technician so this job greatly has helped me out.

Thank you for reading my opinion. =)

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