Greenville, South Carolina

Ive got a 1976 Corvette,and replaced the starter motor on it.The factory starter went out after 36 years.So I went to Auto Zone in Harriman,TN and bought a starter for it,after 2 weeks it stopped working.I pulled the starter out,and the bolts that actually bolt the starter together had fallen out of it,it was the long bolts on the motor.Since then I have put 5 more starters on this car,that have fallen apart,selinoid stopped working,and all different issues with each starter.They wont give my money back and only said they will give store credit.I would rather have my money and go buy a starter made in these United States,and not MEXICOs junk!!!!!!!! 5 different Starters in 2 years,just because the major companys would rather pay mexicans for junk,then pay Americans for quality!!! Thats all I have to say.

Monetary Loss: $318.

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I don't 8)


find it hard to believe that original starter lasted 36 years

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