Daytona Beach, Florida

Service engine light was on in my truck and just a few month earlier same thing happened to my Honda.As you all know AutoZone will put a scanner and let you know the code so you can fix it your self. This store is located in Deltona Florida and is fairly new and i have to say the employee there are rude.

Well this is my complaint: My service light is on, so i go walked in to autozone stand in line for 6 mins when i let the employee know, i need to have them check my service light she tells me that i will have to wait untill she clears out the store?? Keep in mind that the last time i had this done to my honda they did the same thing and i waited over 30 mins cause every time a new customer entered, the longer i had to wait, I would understand if there was only 2 people! but on both occasions there was 4 employees. I was so pissed that when the employee told me that again and i looked around and there are at least 10 other customers, i told her i'm not waiting, she tells me the service is free like i should wait because its free.That pissed me off even more, when if they diagnose something the odds are they "Autozone " will benefit from a sale.

I left anyways.

I'm going to Advanced auto parts from now on even if i have to drive further i will take my loyalty some where else.. AUTOZONE's service sucks at least in this store..,.,..dont go to the Deltona Store or for that matter AUTOZONE>

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Just as an FYI, we also sell those code readers!

You can avoid ever having to wait around by simply purchasing a basic reader for less than $50 - and then you can go online and look up the codes.

This will pay for itself in the long run.


Autozone likes to help their customers, but it also has a bottom line. The people coming up to the counter are usually buying things, while most with a check engine light end up going to a mechanic.

It's not unreasonable for paying customers to be put before those getting free service; in fact, it is company policy.

(So don't blame the employees.) That being said, with four people, they probably could have gotten out to the car sooner without significant disruption in service. At ours, we don't like to keep customers waiting more than 15 minutes.


It is a free service

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