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I was shopping at the autozone on wyckoff and realized i had left my phone at the dollar tree around the corner. I ran over to retrieve it and approximately 7 minutes later i came back and my car was towed.

A man not in uniform came out to tell me they had towed me and it was around the corner. The truck driver told me i had to pay cash so i went to an atm. I called the store managaer and explained my situation. She was not helpfull in the slightest.

She said it was my fault for not telling an employee i was running to get my phone. I feel like it happened so fast something felt off. Like they had been waiting and watching to call a tow truck that had to be next door. It was less than 10minutes.

Like 5. I could t believe it and told the manager i would not return to the store ever again. She said to have a nice day. I thought it felt very aggressive but took it at a loss and that the staff was just unfriendly.

Two weeks later i was telling a friend the story and he said something similar happened to him. He said that a man hanging out in the parking lot was working with staff and tow operators to scam people in the lot and split the cash.

I will never shop there again and tell everyone i know to do the same. Go to another auto zone where the staff is working for and not against you.

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No one scammed you. You were wrong.

It sucks and it happened fast but it was your fault.

They didn't know how long you'd be gone only that you were no longer shopping there and you were takjng up customer parking. Live and learn and read.

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