Deltona, Florida
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Went to a Autozone in Deltona, Fl a couple times one week for parts. Every time i was there, I would see a guy there with piercings all over his face and pink nail polish on his nails.

He did not look approachable at all. Even when he did help us he immediately would have another employee assist us when they were walking by him. He really had a demeanor of not wanting to help us.

My brother was very uncomfortable with the whole interaction and even asked me "this is who Autozone hires?" Now i see why he goes to O'Reilly all the time.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

AutoZone Pros: Prices.

AutoZone Cons: Service.

  • unprofessional attitude
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The automotive belts do not hold up in everyday use. They are basically 3,000 mile wonders.

After that, the belt will stretch past its usefulness and start to squeal or come apart on you. This can cause costly repairs if someone is not watching their belts carefully. I tried to return their Duralast belt and the management said it was past it's one year warranty. I advised them not to buy these belts for their cars and they had to agree they would not want them on their automobiles.

Autozone belts are no good and their hose clamps will round off and not tighten down on hoses. Their automotive belts and hose clamps are inferior quality and you will be sorry if you purchase them from Autozone.


This is America and it is a FREE country.That means anyone can look anyway they want to.If it is OK for you to not like the way someone looks then it is OK for me not to like the way you look and go to your place of employment and demand they fire you.YOU are the problem not the guy at auto zone.You have set civil rights back 50 years with your comment.


They hire *** workers like this because they pay their employees next to nothing I mean Walmart pays better. This company is only about shareholder profits and nothing else.

If they hire an *** for 8$ an hour and they give you the wrong info and you damage your car you'll spend even more to fix it. Autozone cares nothing about you...

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