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I went to the Autozone off Bissonet and Fondren in Houston,Tx on June 24,2018. Freddie the store manager sold me the wrong spark plugs and told me to gap them at .045 instead of .035 , even wrote it on the box.

Freddie sold me the AC Delco Rapid fire Platinum spark plugs instead of the regular AC Delco spark plugs. The Rapid fire Platinum plugs don't interact with the older engines well at all and within a week of installing the new spark plugs they burned out and ended up damaging the motor. I have spoken with Freddie and Jimmy the district manager several times about this matter. I have spent a lot of money replacing the motor and other expenses due to the fact that if it weren't for being sold the wrong spark plugs the motor would never have been damaged.

It's been over two months and still getting the run-around about them taking responsibility for their manager's mistake and reimbursing all the money I'm out of pocket as a result. I just want to make others aware so they are not put through the stress, aggravation, inconvenience and unnecessary expenses that I've endured. I have even had a mechanic state that those spark plugs are made for the newer engines and that the manager should have known better than to sell the incorrect spark plugs.

Every since I filed a complaint with AutoZone's corporate office, I have been treated rudely, like a criminal and like I'm the one who did something wrong. I strongly recommend Autozone get their act together or they will be out of business because people are getting tired of the poor customer service

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this isn't so! if the replacement was crossed over and they said the spark plug would work it wouldn't cause any damage unless the valve hit the piston and im sure this motor wasn't an interference motor. so maybe you had something else wrong with the vehicle and spark plug gap and plug wasn't the issue at all.


Assuming you gave the correct vehicle information, Freddie provided you with the correct plugs. Parts are looked up via an electronic catalog and results are provided based of the vehicle info entered.

If you are complaining of mechanical damage to your engine, then how are you going to relate that damage to a wrong plug. About the only situation I see there is where mechanical contact occurred where there was NO CLEARANCE between the plug tip and the top of the piston. If this happened, then the employee at the store may have entered your data incorrectly. Even then, if there was a physical difference between the plugs, you should've been smart enough to SEE that.

Otherwise, a chosen plug may not be fully optimized for your vehicle, but it is available because of customer preference. Most of the time, there are many choices and only one will provide the best and optimal spark for total combustion. If you vehicle is a GM vehicle, then you should have chosen an AC Delco plug for your application...

anything else such as NGK would work, but the engine would not run optimally. The other branded plugs will work just the same, just not as well.

to Goober #1563928

Obviously you work for Autozone and trying to shift the blame. I am done with you people from Autozone and your sorry *** attitude

to Ty Taylor #1590118

Giving you insight into the automotive industry doesn't qualify someone as a specific auto store employee. Not knowing these things isnt necessarily your fault, however failing to learn when its laid out on a silver platter is your fault. Goodluck


Unhappily, all you are entitled to is replacement spark plugs. Incidental damages caused by misapplication of most products are generally denied.

Because : your plugs failed, engine damage, (next:) car fire, personal injuries, late to work, fired, broke, bankrupt, insane, suicidal ... about 5 million in damages for $15 worth of product ...

to Anonymous #1550275

Just irritated with how I was treated and talked down to like he was so much more superior than me and didn't appreciate him making the comment that I was dumb when it comes to cars and what really irritated me was calling me a liar

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