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I purchased a "new" battery from Autozone for my yamaha touring motorcycle in late December, 2012. As I was stranded and in a hurry I guess I was too trusting and didn't ask enough questions.

Here I am in early June with a battery that will not take a charge and definitely won't start the bike. I return the battery to the store and sure enough "bad battery/replace!" is the verdict. I am then informed that the battery had only a 3 month warrantee. On further review the date code was deciphered and it was determined that the battery was made in 2010!

I paid over $100 for a battery nearly 3 years old and was only given 3 months warrantee. Don't you have an obligation to rotate your stock and protect your customers? Autozone will not get any more of my money as they are concerned only with profit and no sense of obligation to quality.

I took my money elsewhere and bought a NEW (within 2 months) battery with a 2 YEAR warrantee. Thanks for the lesson in "buyer beware" Autozone.

Monetary Loss: $105.

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In my store, I send back batteries after 18 months (a year and a half). If that had happened in my store, I would have realized that you were sold a battery you should have never been and I would have swapped it for you, despite the expired warranty.


In mine we send them back after a year old


Dear Anon-

Please look in the store.

This is a MOTORCYCLE battery, not a car battery. The MOTORCYCLE batteries ARE warrantied for 90 days.

The poster IS correct - and YES, someone at the store level is responsible for that battery lying around WAY TOO LONG!!! That thing should have been sent back long before it had the opportunity to cause this buyer a headache.

In MY store, we check the date codes on the batteries regularly and depending upon the type of battery, we return those that get to the 6 month point without being sold.

Some motorcycle batteries are shipped fully filled and ready to use, while others are shipped with the acid in a separate container to be added after the battery is purchased - that type is less likely to be affected due to age.


There is no Autozone battery that is capable of being sold with a 90 day warranty at that price. Certain stores stock batteries under the Econocraft brand name with 90 day warranties but the most expensive model is $65.99.

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