Lansing, Michigan
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Auto Zone is the biggest ripoff in the auto parts world. My girlfriend had to get her car jumped the other day so she went to Auto Zone to have them check the charging system.

They tested the Battery and said it was fine, then they checked the Altenater and said it was bad. $200.00 later the same problem. so she goes back a different guy checked it and said it's the Battery! These people screw people out of anything and everything they can.

Something needs to be done about being able to screw people and note lose any sleep over it. I wouldn't step foot in an Auto Zone even if it ment I had to crawl in a friggin' blizzard.

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auto zone isn't a friggin mechanic. What did you expect?

You didn't want to pay to be sure of the issue by going through a mech, so you paid by going through parts... it's friggin AUTOZONE guy

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