Springville, Utah

all az employees.

you picked the job. the sm or dm interviewed you all and you agreed with all the terms of the job. if you dont like it quit. az has great products and a great warranty. you dont want to sell witt or coc than go to napa or somewhere else and see if you can do better. you and your attitude would be no loss to autozone. you employees posting negative lies about az are pathetic. sad to see we have zoners who hate there employer so much. i am sure your work ethic is about the same as your attitude.

i have had red shirts work through the ranks and are now store managers, and i am proud of all my team.

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All store managers are suck bubbles and DM's are worse. Why don't you get out of the office and help with customers.

Oh, sorry, you can't get your hands dirty. From a 20 year veteran PSM.


And what store are you from? You sound like another autozone corporate tool.

Great products?

Most of it is Chinese garbage backed by a lifetime warranty only to get the customer back into the store. Shove your witt, kpi's, and check out challenges up your ***


you an ***. just admit the annoying parts of the job.

overselling *** is not what you thought it was going to be all about. quit acting your the all mighty god cause your part of the click. Yes i do like my job to an extent, no i wont like its not all true what they say.

I have heard the horror stories of all the backstabbing that go on but thats any job. so it is what it is.

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