849 Saint George Ave, Woodbridge, NJ 07095
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Happened today 6/24 picked up a product signed $4.99 got to register it's $5.99. The manager was called and he rang it up $5.99 and says "the sale ended yesterday " no apology.

didn't even care if he just treated me like a moron. I bought it anyway but on my way home I decided to return it. Not for the dollar but because of the"screw you" attitude of the manager. Customer service works like this, a satisfied customer will tell a few people of a positive shopping experience.

An unsatisfied customer will tell everyone he knows !!! and i will.

I will make a point of it ! Store #4791 Woodbridge N.J.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Alreaddy returned the product !!!.

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Most retail stores will honor the sign or label price if their personnel have failed to remove the sale sign. That's because most people either do not or cannot read the beginning and end dates in small print on the sign.

The problem of inaccurate prices being scanned at places like Meijer, Walmart, etc. seems to be getting more common. This is due to, in my state no actual price sticker on items anymore and store personnel failing to either change the label/signs displaying a price or their personnel failing to scan the price into the store's computer system---again, Meijer is notorious for this deceptive practice. Nowadays, as a matter of course it is imperative that customers watch carefully while items are being scanned to ensure you are not over-charged.

I now tell cashiers to wait until I have unloaded my cart and then they can start scanning---slowly so I can verify the price being charged. Stores are seemingly competing to see who can scam more customers.

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