Ashton, Maryland

Never go to auto zone in silver springs, md!!!! Shady place.

First off I just went for a new battery and was told they weren't sure they could install it. Then once they decided they could they took my old battery out, put a new one in and couldn't get the terminal clamp on. They said I needed a battery Cap but they didn't have any! Next they made me walk to advanced auto to buy one in 10 degree weather, but advanced did not have one either!

Meanwhile there was some backyard mechanic walking around outside trying to take advantage of people. First he told me I needed an alternator before they put the battery in when I knew it was just my battery. Then he kept jumping in and working on my car with the actual employee. I asked if he worked there and the explanation I was given was that he was a guy that helped them out with things they couldn't fix.

.. vague! So the employee tells me to flirt with the mechanic guy so he'll fix my car for free. Didn't know this was going to cost MORE money or that I'd have to "flirt" with someone to get a very simple, basic job done that I could have done myself!!!

So they talk and I have really no idea what is going on and no one will give me a straight answer. Next thing I know he's rigged my car by putting a bolt in side the terminal clip and wants money from me for rigging my car! All the cash I have is a 5 but he wants more.

Tells me to go to the ATM to get him more money!!!! I am furious with Auto Zone and will never return!!!

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If you could do it yourself why dint you??

It's not auto zone fault you had to walk to advance because auto zone did not have a batt terminal .

so what you expect auto zone to walk over there to get you a batt terminal ?

Get this straight if you wouldn't of gotten the. Rigged job from the mechanic how would you have turned on the car to go elsewhere? You obviously needed a quick fix for the mean time and that cost money and don't expect for auto zone to do it because it's not their job that's when a mechanic comes to the picture an hey it's not gonna be free .

Do you seriously believe or hear what you say? Why was auto zone at fault?

FYI mechanics that are there helping is because when incidents happen like in your case where something needs a repair or fix they can take it from there, because remember auto zone free installation is only to remove and install not if something is broken or striped or anything else that needs more than tightening the screws in the batt . It's not their job to figure it out for you .

@Azone man

First of all taking a battery out or putting it in is not rocket science,but not everyone knows how to do it. Sounds like you two are the two he was talking about.

Second of all NOT every one knows what is wrong with the car IF you couldn't get the battery in all you had to do was tell the guy. The "mechanic" is a liability to the store in general. Also IF you two can read on the store they offer help...if you can't cut it go to another job.

Also does Auto Zone corp know the "mechanic" on their property is charging your users for help??? sounds fishy.

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