Flint, Michigan
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three bad maf sensers in a row they hooked up their hand held computer did some thing to my copmputer took it in to a repair shop check engin light wood not come on tested trucks computer some how it was shorted out replaced and reflached for my truck 950.00 check engin ljght came on maf senser bought an acdelco works great never go back to that dump again they dont warranty their parts auto zone in mt morris mich cost me 1200.oo to fix 160.00 dallar part kiss my *** you bunch of crack heads they treat people like their *** they just ignored me they still never even offert to give me my money back

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Does anyone now if auto zone does drug testing to work there not drive a company car just to work the store


As others have said there is nothing that the Actron scanner can do to mess up your engine computer. If your so called mech told you that then you need to find one that will not lie to you.

Autozone reads the diagnostic codes, that's it! Period! They make recommendations based on the most probable causes for the code. THEY DO NOT DIAGNOSE THE PROBLEM.

If you want a detailed diagnostic take it to a ASE Cerified shop with a more sophisticated diagnostic tool. You will pay for this kind of service. It is your car.

Like your medical health always get a second opinion. If you go cheap and try to diagnose the problem on your own don't blame the FREE help you get from them


The scanners that Autozone uses are Actron. Actron makes some of the best scanners that money can buy.

You must be a joke to think that the machine would flash your ecu haha. not to mention Autozone was doing a free service.


Will not now or ever destroy your computer if you lost communication from the computer to the data link connector I am a master tech and I know you had a computer problem not the guys fault who hooked it up besides dont be cheap take it to a shop and have it checked half of the customers that go to autozone want pin point perfection by a scan tool that can only start you in the direction you need to go its not a fool proof scanner cheap skate customers who think they can fix it theirselves


Iv been with autozone for 5 yrs...theres no way they could have messed up your computer by plugging their OBDII scanner into it...not possible...tho im sure the person doing it had no formal training on how to use/read the device but...a monkey could do it. Electronic parts....trash!I dont even buy them with my 20% employee discount! and for the *** part....Autozone does not drug test....unless u get hurt or wreck a company truck...

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