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My 1995 Saab needed some repair work done on the front driver’s side wheel. Upon examination of the vehicle, my mechanic let me know we were in need of a wheel barren. I called Auto Zone and ordered the part which came in on the same day. It was a holiday weekend, so I didn’t get back to the mechanic until Tuesday. He then told me I needed the hub assembly as well. I called Auto Zone and was informed it was going to take 2 days for the part to come in and I needed to pay for it up front. My mom was in that area, so she stopped in and paid for the part. As she was entering the store, the employee’s story changed and he informed me that the part would be in on the same day and there was no need to pay up front. She was already there, so she continued with paying for the product. I was then told I would be called by 1pm to pick up the part. At 2pm, I had not received a phone call and phoned the store again. The employee who answered the phone was very rude and told me not to “bother them because they will call me”. I was irritated and just went along to my 2nd shift job. At 430pm, I decided to phone the store again to find out what time the delivery would possibly be there in the morning for my part. I was placed on hold and found out my part had been there for most of the day waiting for me. Mr Dan Emery then informed me that the “wheel barren” I had ordered was there! He kept calling me “dear” and I asked him not to do so. I explained to him that I already possessed that part and it was not what I had ordered. He called me dear again and told me that I didn’t know what I was talking about because the part he had is what I want. I again told him I was offended at being called dear and asked him not to do so. I tried my hardest to explain to him the part I needed, but he was refusing to listen to me at all. After going back and forth with him calling me dear SIX times, I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor. He placed me on hold for 12 minutes and then picked the phone back up again! It seemed to become a game to him as he continued to put me down by calling me dear. I even explained to him that I’m a 38 year old U.S. Army soldier who takes that word very offensively. He didn’t seem to care at all as he just continued to call me dear and told me to wait for the manager. At this time, my mom had entered the store and wanted her money back for the part ordered in error. At first, they were trying to tell my mom that they didn’t have to give her money back for a part I had ordered.

I then spoke to manager Rhoda Forsythe. I feel that it was a waste of my time because the only thing she wanted to do was to defend her employee. She went on telling me how he is a “sweet” man and she stood by him. I’m glad that my mom got her money back, but I will never again visit Auto Zone. I also plan on notifying any females I know not to go there because they obviously have prejudice against women and enjoy offending them when the chance arrives.

SPC Lemire

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Auto Part.

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Bullsh!t, you don't need a wheel BEARING not "barren" and hub assembly. It's one or the other, try a better mechaninc.


Auto parts can be crazy sometimes. You should have not been treated that way at all.

He could get fired for that.


First DEAR what backyard mechanic do you have working on your car that does not know what part you need. The first time they ordered the part you asked for a Wheel Bearing. Fool

miss l

I am a female and i work at A.Z. & I know females are not discriminated!! As a matter of fact--its the male customers that go in there that are prejudice against the female employees--they instantly assume we don't know what we're doing because we are women!!


Call the store back and demand the number for the regional manager. His constant addressing you as "dear" after you asked him not to is defined as sexual harassment by their rules.

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