Jackson, Tennessee
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Rude Carlos Torres works at AutoZone tropicana/Eastern las Vegas, NV. he is very rude to customers.

He doesn't do his job right. He is lazy and he is rude, mean to customers. He needs get fired from AutZone. He is custing to customers.

Why Autozone let that rude person work at AutoZone. Please AutoZone fire Carlos Torres. His super wiser wanted the battery. Gave to him tools.

But he didn't check battery. He looked from far way. He said battery is fine. He didn't put that tools on battery for check.

He said he can understand from far way just the look at the battery. My battery was under warranty and I bought that battery from same location AutoZone 1 year ago. He should test battery he didn't. My car didn't started.

I asked to him For jump. Cable he said they don't have any jumper cable in store. I told to him " I want to buy it. I bought from this store 2 years ago, but right now not in my car.

At home. I need now jumper cable and I want to buy it. He said this store they don't sell jumper cable. I didn't believe him.

I went to inside of store. I told to lady she gave to me jumper cable. Couple of store customers help me out jump my car battery. Thanks God lots of nice people at around.

Not everybody mean like Carlos Torres!!! I let Carlos Torres I am going to complaint for him. He was cursing to me speak Spanish. I don't understand Spanish, but I asked to customer who was helping me out he said he is the *** guy and he is cursing.

Please AutoZone teach to Carlos Torres he shouldn't curse to customer with speak Spanish. Please teach to him he have to his job right, he have to be polite to customer not to be a rude *** guy. I just want let AutoZone know Carlos Torres dosen't deserve to work at AutoZone.

He should get fired ASAP !!! Thanks

Monetary Loss: $300.

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