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I purchased an auto battery for my wife's VW Beetle in Nov 09'. I experienced no battery related difficulties that I am aware of since.

I took the car in for regular service this month at the local VW dealer, where I have done business for 10 years. They tested the battery as part of their routine. Their test results showed the battery was "bad". I have the readout from their machine. They replaced the battery.

Curious as to why the Autozone battery had failed, I took it back to the store. The store's battery tester showed the battery "OK". The employees were very polite and helpful, but could not explain the discrepancy. They suggested that I return to the dealer for an explanation and possible reimbursement. I went back to the dealer and spoke to the VW service manager. He could not explain either, but asked if I could go back to Autozone and ask the manager if he would be willing to speak with him on the phone. I think our attitude was "how can we solve this problem?", not trying to cause a fuss, because indeed the Autozone battery may be just fine or someone's tester is malfunctioning or using different criteria

The Autozone manager was extremely rude, and would not even listen to me. He did not even know what I was going to ask of him. I would like to point out that all through this process, I was extremely polite and non-accusatory, just trying to figure out the problem. I walked into the store and he said "We've tested that battery and there is nothing wrong with it, just get the *** out" I then responded in kind and left (for good). So I now have two batteries and no explanation, along with a very negative feeling toward Autozone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

Monetary Loss: $115.

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The new battery testers they give us are ***.

They, don't display the CCA, (Cold Cranking Amps.) The old testers used to. That causes a problem when a tester says just "good" or "bad."

The tester thinks a battery with a 100 less CCA than what it's rated at is ok. While it will still crank the vehicle for now... it is a sign that the battery has a dead cell and is loosing charge.

Never let a machine think for you. ;)


I to experienced a very bad situation with a Auto zone manager re. a battery.

Their machine said it was good but the battery would not hold a charge in the vehicle or independent of the vehicle for more then two days. Manager told me to try another store manager to return it, interrupted me, the usual trained response to customer problems.

Subsequent tests showed a bad cell. Hope they find a new customer to replace one they just lost......


Agreed Oooopsie. As an autozone employee, I have heard almost all of them from dealerships and service shops. A local shop just yesterday charged a lady $143.xx for a check engine scan. I did it for free. They told her that the reason mine was "inferior" was because they had to actually "drop the exhaust pipe in order to get a correct reading from their OBD-II scanner. (B-llsh-t!!!) Then, they told her that is was going to cost an additional $584.xx to replace a defective O2 sensor. I saw this quote with my own eyes..."Shop time 4.5 hours....O2 Sensor $186.xx.....Environmental fees.....Another shop fee...Disposal fee..... Are you *** KIDDING ME?!?!?! After she stopped to see us for a 2nd opinion, we informed her that she had been taken. We re-scanned her codes (for free as always), then we got her set up with an honest shop that we do a ton of commercial business with and they said they only charge $65.00 for the install as it only takes about 20-30 minutes to swap the part, if she brought the part with her. Retail cost through Autozone: $68.00.

Screw dealerships, and screw corporate service shops!!! All they want to do is upsell and and scare the *** out of their customers so they will spend a ton of money for absolutely nothing.

This folks, is the true definition of theft/robbery. These people should put in jail for this kind of ***

An Autozone manager will never, and I repeat NEVER!!! tell someone to "Get the *** out" without being instigated, SEVERELY, in the first place. Autozoners are very understanding, and if they aren't, then you need to find the next person in the chain of command to make a complaint with. That is intolerable behavior, if it did happen, and that individual would be fired upon the District Manager or Store Manager hearing of a situation like this.

I am a dedicated Autozone employee and was a dedicated Autozone customer even before that. We take pride in our work and enjoy the helping people to fix their cars. My moto on the clock: "I am not here to 'SELL' you a d-mn thing. I am here to help you make an informed and correct decision on the parts and 'related' parts that you may have overlooked or forgotten to repair your vehicle so it works again." I don't get commission. That is for the commercial department.


That is called the dealer screwing you. Plain and simple.

They do it all the time, by telling you that you need something. I would almost guarentee that the one at the dealer cost more than the one at the retail store.

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