Kissimmee, Florida

the kissimmee autozone 222 s john young unprofessional and crooks on 9/10/2011 purchased front break calipears also returned cores at the same time they said they cretited a fourty dollar core return to my account but it NEVER showed up. Returning at another day they shunned me and said it will be a few more days but again I never recieved it.

Went back because I needed a dural last battery warranty they would not warranty the battery and blew me off again about the credit. I recomend going to another part store or go here if you lke to get ripped off.

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Holy God learn English


May 17th 2019 AutoZone store number 5649 Escondido California ripped me off $18 core charge... only gave me $10 gift card I'll go to another AutoZone and if they don't give it all back to me they'll be hearing from the Department of Consumer Affairs.


RetailWorker: I’m guessing your one of those retards that works for Auto Zone in Massachusetts. Regardless of bring a core back next day or before purchasing on spot. Auto Zone system will still automatically charge a core fee and credit on same receipt. Mainly because the system stills facts in 6.25% sales tax on core charge before sub-total price and is non-recoverable.

I am guessing RetialWorker is that associate says: “We had a sign posted about non-refund on Core Tax’s but it’s seems to be missing!” How about you hang a new one! ;)

------Example Receipt --------

Caliper: $69.99

Core Trade-In: $ -60.00.

Core Charged: $60.00

Sub Total: $69.99

Tax: $8.12

Total: $78.11


Therefore you’ve been over charged by $4.06

Interesting enough Massachusetts Law States:

Massachusetts considers core charges to be part of the original purchase. While the merchant and you may view this as a refund on a part that was purchased, in fact, the state considers it buy back of the old part.

This means the state does not allow a refund of the sales tax in this situation.


So that's a Massachusetts problem not an AutoZone problem lol they're just doing what the law tells them to


Whenever there is a core involved and you turn it in at the same as the purchase, you should always pay cash. That's the way I've always done it, and have never had a problem.

Why are you buying calipers from AutoZone anyway? You can save 50% including the shipping costs both ways by buying from an internet parts store.


Are you *** serious you dumb ***? Yeah you were never charged a core *** slap nuts.

And that battery? Generally 7 year warranty with 2-3year free replacement. Im sure they tested the battery. And it passed just fine.

Either that or they tried to pull up your warranty and you couldnt remember the *** phone number you used to register the warranty. This is a God *** on going problem with people forgetting their numbers. If there isnt a paper trail that can be looked up, why the *** would they just take your word for it.

Its no ones fault but your own. Grow the *** up you whiny *** ***.


Check your receipt, dumba**! If you returned the cores at the same time you purchased the calipers, you were never charged for the cores.

Your receipt will show a charge for the caliper and a charge for the core and then a credit for the core charge thus NOT CHARGING you for the core! As far as the battery warranty, were you past the warranty period or was the battery still good? Why should they give you a new battery if the one you have is still good? There are many other things that can go wrong with a car and cause it not to start.

How long have you had the battery?

Did you buy the battery yourself or was it in the car when you bought the car? The warranty on those batteries is not forever and it is not transferrable.

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