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I was told I had a reward. I tried to use it latter. Then I was told I did not have a reward. I bought something with cash and was then told again that I had a reward. I tried to redeem the reward and was told I needed my original rewards card so no one could use my reward. (They could just use my state issued id). Latter on I tried to use my new reward and was told I actually did not have one...I called the local district office in Memphis TN and Don asked me if I wanted him to read the 30 minute explanation of the rules. Don from Memphis TN also said that the points roll off. Hmm, how about full disclosure up front? Trying to redeem an AutoZone reward is like trying to win a giant prize at a carnival...its goes like this....awwweeeee soooo close! Want to try again?

Finally, while at an Auto Zone store a stressed employee pulled up my rewards summery on the computer. It said I redeemed $30 total....hmm I thought the rewards came in $20 increments! I hope the company is eventually investigated over this!

I suppose I will just go to Oriellys auto parts from now on since they price match Auto Scam. Without the bait and switch.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I don't need another sell job from Auto Scam/ or for them....the simple fact is this...Auto scam will happily add points to an account without a rewards card but wont let someone redeem them without a rewards card. The argument that Auto Scam is concerned someone might take anthers highly valuable reward points is a farce.

The real reason is it is more likely that someone will be without a rewards card as opposed to be without a state issued I.D. (Hence they do not accept a state issued i.d. for the redemption of reward points)Do you really think I am that unintelligent that I cannot see through the marketing bull? Its a rewards program that only works if you go there on a frequent basis and paying their overly high prices on things like oil, antifreeze and wax.

The oil and wax items are cheaper at Walmart and the parts are cheaper from Rock Auto or Amazon. Not to mention Oriellys will price match the parts.

Auto Scam is a last resort for me...and if I can go without it for a few days....see you later Auto Scam. Though I will happily dump my used oil there!


Read the terms and conditions, and UNDERSTAND them. By participating in the program you agree to the conditions, you don't get to make up your own rules about promos/contests.

There is a difference between REWARDS POINTS and CREDIT EARNED ($$) You need five REWARD POINTS to get $20.

And if you return whatever you purchased, those REWARD POINTS are deducted. This program works, and thousands of people succesfully use it.


Another example that americans dont read

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